Saturday, April 2, 2011


Will is TWO!  Two years ago today our lives were forever changed when this little boy was born.  This past year has been fantastic and we are just enjoying every single day with Will!  He is such a fun kiddo and we are constantly amazed by his gentle spirit, fun banter, adorable run, and contagious smile.  He brings so much joy to our lives and while I love this age and know it only gets better, it is sad to me that he is growing so fast. 

I love that he wants to hold my hand, that he eagerly awaits the mailman (who we tell him supplies the Tootsie Pops), and that he loves his sleep and has started to ask us to go to bed.  I love that he wanted hummus and crackers for breakfast the other day and that he gets so excited when he talks about Go Diego Go.  I love that he knows the Eyes of Texas as Dad's song and that he gets excited when Chad pushes him in his cozy coupe and when he runs with him around the house.  He loves to climb ladders and see his Aunt Leen and Uncle Chuck.  I love that when he sees Granddad he immediately talks about how he wants to fly (a little game that only they play).  I love that after Will and Chuck played the guitar together, Will still sings the song Chuck sang - Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Kitty (and it repeats!).  I love that he has nicknames for Ahma and Bapa which are Ya Ya and Boppy.  I love that when we talk about people coming to visit him, he will often say "I wait" and will go to the window and look for who is expecting to see.  I love that he asks about Baby Katie and that he likes to have her lay down beside him so he can read her books.  I love that he has a best buddy Armando and when I drive by the park I have seen them sitting together in a wagon and on the playground.  I love that he loves Loli and asks about her after his nap when she has gone home. I love that it is not uncommon to run into people that I have never seen or met but that know Will, and that they know him as Willito.  I love that everyone that knows him loves him. 

Happy Birthday to my favorite little guy!

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  1. I love that you are always so organized to make these signs! Today is our Will's 5 month birthday and you have inspired me to make one for him! Thanks for the great idea!

    Kelly Haas