Friday, March 30, 2012


I took Katie to get her silhouette done yesterday and it turned out so cute!  I think I might do one every year for the first 3 years at least.  It will be fun to watch how this changes and to see her hair grow!  I picture curls and pig tails in her future!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


 Yesterday Will was playing in my room around 5pm and decided he needed to go get diapers.  Lots of diapers.  Diapers from Katie's room while Katie was asleep.  So he snuck in her room and got LOTS of diapers and then slammed her door shut on the way out. She woke up fairly unhappy.

I went and got her and brought her into my room and sat her on the bed with Will.  She was still out of sorts from her rude awakening.  Will was getting off the bed and somehow he bonked his forehead right into the corner of my nightstand.  He started crying immediately and so did Katie.  She is a sympathy crier.  When Will looked at me, he had an open gash on his forehead.  I could tell by the size and location that it was going to need stitches (unlike when he busted his chin open and we steri stripped him together!). 

So Will and Katie are both crying.  I get some steri strips and get them on him and have him apply pressure.  He is crying, Katie is crying... I call Chad and can barely hear him on the phone so I just tell him that Will cut his head and he needs stitches.  Chad heads home.  I call Kathleen and she graciously offered to come over and take crying baby Katie over to her house for a few hours.

Then they were both fine.  I went to get everyone dressed.  Will wanted Katie to come to the hospital and to wear a tutu.  He wanted to pick out some toys to take.  He was 100% acting like himself.  It was great. 

We met Chad at the hospital and Will enjoyed every step in the 3 hour process.  He liked being checked in, he wanted to help the nurse do everything.  They listened to his heart beat, he wanted to listen to my heart beat.  The sweet nurses entertained his requests.  Once we moved to a room, Will then had to reenact everything they did to him to me and Chad. 

Once they evaluated him, they had to put on some numbing cream.  It had to stay on for about an hour before he could get stitches.  During that time, Will consumed only 2 Popsicles.  He was hopeful for more, but they didn't know how he would react to getting stitches and didn't want him to have anything more in his tummy.  Chad had to head home to get Katie, so Will and I just hung out and played fireman and doctor.

Once it was time for the stitches they brought in the papus.  We renamed this the hugging bed which he liked until he got the stitches.  The nurses said he couldn't feel anything but he could feel the tugging which must feel strange - especially to an almost 3 year old.

After he got his 3 stitches, he got another Popsicle while we waited to be discharged.  When it was time to go he asked if we could just stay for 5 more minutes!  He loved the hospital. 

When we came home, our sweet neighbor Tara had cupcakes waiting for us!  We finally made it home around 9:30pm and he passed out.  And so did I!

the weigh in

playing doctor

the numbing cream under the band aid - orange Popsicle

green Popsicle

getting in the hugging bed - his legs are SO long!

he's smiling!

breakfast of champions - thanks Tara!

wearing his Taz band aid

hugs for his sister

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bikini Season

 We had a gorgeous day today so Katie dawned one of her bikinis for some backyard water time.  She loved playing in the water with her brother.  I think she is going to love playing in the pool in a few weeks!

First Flavor Ice

Bikini Car Wash

surely this is some yoga pose

She learned to ring the bell on the tricycle and this is the smile she had when she rang it!

Monday, March 19, 2012

One more summer

Will has been looking a little too grown up especially since the Snip Its hairdresser took a little too much off the top.  I just looked at him and thought he suddenly looked like he was 4 instead of almost 3.  He is tall so that contributes, but I had to find a way to get him to look his age...the jon jon.  I am going to enjoy one more summer with him in these!  I just adore them and think he looks his age again.  He will be 3 two weeks from today!


I am just so smitten with Katie.  She loves to be held and prefers that I am close by at all times.  Even if I just across the room, she will move closer to be with me.  This might be a normal thing for most moms, but Will wasn't like this.  He was so busy playing all the time that he didn't want to come sit in my lap unless I was reading him a book.  Katie will get a toy and then come over to sit in my lap and play with it.  She'll hop down to get another toy, and then she will want right back up.  It is so wonderful to spend time with her - she keeps a smile on my face!

love this face!

St Patrick's Day

 We had a fun St Patrick's Day here in Dallas.  My parents came up for a visit and we had a fun Saturday that exhausted the kids so much we missed a birthday party we had been looking forward to for weeks!  Swim lessons and visitors can wipe these kids out!

Here is my pre-St Pat's picture before the kids had haircuts.  Will looks like a different child to me here!

St Patrick's Lolipops - Will loves to try anything Katie has...even if it is the same thing he has.

With cousin Andrew!

Buried Feet

 Will and Katie enjoy playing in the sandbox together.  They both enjoy filling up dump trucks, digging for treasures and burying their feet! 

After he buried her feet, he said "her feet are gone!  How will she walk?"  And he looked at me and smiled as if to confirm he was pretending. 

Here is Will trying to find Katie's feet under the sand.


 This little girl loves the sandbox!  We just got a swimsuit back from our monogrammers (Sweat Shop Monograms - aka the Kerrs) so we had to try it on.  Katie definitely appears to be beach ready... with the expection of her love to eat the sand.

pointing to an airplane

We just love her little wave!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Baby Proofing

 If Katie were our first or only child, I am not sure we ever would have baby proofed our house.  We wouldn't have latches throughout our kitchen and desk area, we wouldn't have outlet covers or the special outlets with sliding covers.  I would have understood the moms who didn't do much baby proofing when we were baby proofing for Will. 

Will was curious about all things to be baby proofed by 7 or 8 months.  He would crawl towards cords, open cabinets and climb the stairs.  We had to baby proof everything we could.  We even tethered furniture to the walls due to his love of climbing.

Katie is just content.  She can sit and play with a toy for quite a while.  If you redirect her, she is fine with doing something new.  It is amazing how these two can be so different!