Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Katie writes her name!

Katie wrote her name for the first time!  This is one of the many benefits of having a pre-school teacher as your nanny!  I love Katie's long lean letters.  She was so proud of herself!

Father's Day Weekend

 This weekend was significant for many reasons!  One, my last day of work in Corporate America was Friday.  After 18 years, it will be quite different to wake up Monday morning without work on my mind!  I am excited about this next chapter!

On Saturday we met up with other families from our preschool association and spent the day at Long Cove.  This gorgeous development is about 90 minutes away and it was just heaven.  The pools were amazing and the kids enjoyed their fair share of the endless popsicles while we enjoyed the margarita machine!  It was really great to spend the day in the pool with our kids and other families - seemed like the perfect way to start this next chapter of my life!

Yesterday was Father's Day, the kids woke up Chad by wishing them a happy fathers day and giving them some awesome craft gifts they made last week.  They were a huge hit and I am amazed they were able to keep the secret for 4 whole days.  

We headed to brunch at a favorite spot, Penne Pomodoro.  Will and Katie seemed to enjoy themselves as well aside from Will being under the weather.  He didn't complain much but enough for me to know that something was wrong.  Turns out the little guy has strep throat, so we spent the day inside relaxing which luckily is Chad's dream day.  

Katie likes chocolate as much as her daddy!

Endless popsicles...

And snow cones!

The lower pool

unplanned rash guard midriff

Waiting to take daddy to brunch

The good thing about being tested for strep is you get a popsicle after they swab your throat!

of course, Katie got one too

Will loved the Children's Medical City Urgent Care - gave it a thumbs up

Checking his blood pressure while waiting for his prescription

Katie's new preferred attire - princess dresses.  This is "Elephant Katie" - her paper bag puppet we made today

The kids made these darling canvases for Father's Day - thanks Candice!

Katie loves her daddy because he gives her kisses

Will loves his Daddy because he tickles him!

This picture by Will shows a gigantic Chad tickling a tiny Will


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bronson's Birthday Party

 We went to a birthday party for Will's friend Bronson this weekend. They had a petting zoo and then Elsa from Frozen arrived - she was a hit with everyone! 

We were the last people to leave the party.  Elsa left before us and drove off in a red SUV.  Katie and Will both had some questions about that...
Bronson, the birthday girl

Katie, wearing the crown Will made her and carrying Madeline

Katie loved to be close to this miniature donkey

Pure sugar!

Will trying on some of the hats

Waiting in line for face painting...eating cake!

Katie smiling through her mad face

Will chats with Elsa about what to get on his face

So happy with the results

Katie checks out her snowflake

 Will, Zoe, Michael, Elsa and Bronson

Will and Bronson

Pool is Open!

Our first day at the pool is always the best!  We actually made it to opening day this year - and we stayed for 5 hours!!

5 hours is a lot for me, but the kids could have stayed longer.  It was great to have both kids in the big pool this year.  Will really loves to swim and Katie loves swimming with her floatie. They both love the water slide!  We aren't sure Katie is tall enough, but she went down the slide no less than 10 times!

Eisley and Will enjoy their snow cones

 Katie loves to apply sunscreen

First Sleepover

The kids had their first sleepover at a friend's house this weekend!  They spent the night with Will's best friend Eisley.  I didn't think Katie would actually spend the night, so I didn't pack her a bag.  When she went with me to drop off Will, she told me "I stay here.  I not go home with you."  So that was it.  Luckily, Eisley's mom had everything Katie needed for a night away.  The kids had a blast - they made a tie-dye cake, played an animal sounds game and apparently had the best night ever.  The kids will be talking about that night for quite a while!

Camera Shy

Friday I took the kids on some adventures for the day – including a stop at a favorite park.  We played at the playground and skipped rocks in the creek.  It was what I would consider a great summer day.  I had my camera with me and the kids wanted to take some pictures.  Will  specifically wanted pictures of squirrels.  After trying for a few minutes he said “Mommy, it’s hard to take pictures of squirrels.  I think they are camera shy.”

Will met some girls at the park and wanted a picture with them....

And then he wanted to take their picture with their babies

Checking out the tadpoles

This might be the world's largest rolly polly