Monday, April 11, 2011


Will and Katie's cousin Guerin was in town this weekend for Grandpa John's memorial on Saturday.  The service was really touching - there were many people there and everyone had such glowing things to say about John and his family.  It was a great way to celebrate such a special man, and we all enjoyed having some family time together.

On Sunday, Guerin and Will spent the better part of the day together playing.  They had a blast eating flavor ice, playing in the water tables, mopping the deck, blowing bubbles, riding in the double stroller and playing in the sandbox.  I just love watching them play together - they really get along so well!


Off to pick up lunch in the double stroller

Maggie and the boys (great picture courtesy of GA)

In the sandbox (great picture courtesy of GA)

birds eye view

the 3 cousins

Guerin and baby Katie

Aunt GG and baby Katie

Ahma and Guerin checking to see if Katie has any teeth

Where Katie spent most of her time on Sunday - in Ahma's arms

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