Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday

Our Good Friday was great.  It was one of the best days ever actually.  Loli asked for the day off, and so Chad and I both took the day off to spend with the kiddos.  Chad then needed to tend to some family business, so I was home with Will and Katie for most of the day.  This was my true stay-at-home-mom experience and I loved it.  I may have loved it a little too much.  While I am not sure I could do it everyday, it sure was great.  I really treasure the time I have with these two great kids.

The Kinder kiddos came over for a few hours to play, and we had a blast.  Trent (7) and Nick (3) had a great time splashing and getting wet in the water tables while Maddie (5) watched Katie like a hawk.  She sat next to Katie almost the entire time - covering her, shading her, rocking her, etc.  It was so sweet to watch.  We had a great time and Will is always sad when our playdates come to an end.  And so am I!

Maddie and Katie

Will rocking Katie

Will and Nick

Nick and Trent getting their hair wet

We had lunch and then Will took a bath in our tub.  We had the best time.  I don't know what it is about bath time, but it is always great for Will and therefore great for the bath giver as well.  I think he could stay in the tub all day.
with his "crazy hair" as he calls it

all smiles

love those eyelashes

When Chad came home, he took Will to Lovefield to go look at airplanes.  This kid has a good life!  But we are really the lucky ones to have him as our kiddo.  He is just awesome.

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