Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Highs and Lows

Some days are easier than others.  For some unknown reason, Monday was a hard day for me.  Not sure exactly what it was... the overflowing laundry pile, the somewhat stressful and packed week ahead, the list of things I needed to do rolling though my head over and over.  Will also decided not to take a nap on Monday which makes for a tough evening as he was really tired and a little cranky.

Days like Monday test my patience with my kids, myself and with Chad.  They are tougher days that seem like they will never end, but as usual, after a day like that, the next day is typically wonderful and this was no exception.

Tuesday, Will was hilarious yesterday and full of love.  He said things like "I brought my boppies and teddy down so we could snuggle with you".  Out of the blue "I love you mommy" comment and when watching the beginning of Ice Age Continental Drift he said "Oh no, the earth is ripping!"  He gave his toy snake a bath and then flossed the snake's teeth while Katie put all of Will's Star Wars action figures to bed, telling each one "good night" as she laid they down.

It is those moments that make the tough Mondays disappear from my memory and encourage me to savor every moment with them. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Almost 2

It's hard to believe Katie is almost 2.  In many ways, I think she is already 2.  She is an active little girl always trying to keep up with her brother, so in many ways she is more like a 2 year old.  On the flip side, I just cannot believe how fast the years go.  While the days can sometimes take so long to pass, the years go by quickly.

Katie is saying a lot of words and she loves to repeat words when her brother asks her to.  She loves her babies and often wakes up and immediately asks about them, feeds them, takes them for stroller rides and shushes me when I talk and they are sleeping.  She just adores the book "Little Mommy" and I would say this is among her favorites.  She loves her books, so she has a few favorites, but she will bring this one to us and sit down.

Katie has a great sense of humor.  This is something I have noticed with her much earlier than I noticed with Will.  She will do things to make you laugh, and she knows when she is funny so she will often laugh before we do.  She loves when her Daddy chases her, and she is actually really fast and good at not getting caught.

She is a snuggler.  She loves to be held, is content to sit in my lap and put on bracelets, take them off, and repeat.  She loves to color and unfortunately she thinks everything around her is her canvas.  We have some new colors on our rug, on our walls, and on our tile.

She brings us so much happiness and so many smiles.  Just looking at these pictures on this post brings a smile to my face.  She is a happy, healthy baby and I couldn't be luckier than to be her mom.

putting baby in the swing

giving her a push

budding photographer

Sidewalk chalk!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pony Tails, Take 2

 One month ago, we tried pony tails and they kind of worked.  Thankfully, Katie's hair is growing so fast!  We can really do pony tails if we hide her bangs with a bow!  I love this look - this is how I wore my hair as a little girl.

My sister and I one Christmas with the Raggedy Anns that my mom made for us!  I'm not sure our age - but it shows my pony tails!

White Christmas!

 So this post is long overdue, but we had a great Christmas!  The kids were really into it this year, and to top it off, we had a white Christmas!

We almost had a Christmas spoiler!  Katie got a kitchen from Santa.  We assembled and moved under the Christmas tree after the kids were in bed.  Chad had locked both of our baby gates so we felt safe setting everything out.  Well, while my mom and I were arranging the kitchen and presents... I hear "Hi Mommy!  Can I help you with the presents?"

I was stunned!  This can't be happening!!

It turns out Will figured out how to open the baby gates.  On Christmas Eve.  Quietly.  I never heard him coming which is crazy as I usually can hear him when he puts his feet to the ground every morning.

So we told Will that Santa had to drop off the kitchen because it was too big for his sleigh and that he would be back later to deliver the rest of the presents.

He believed us.  What's not to believe when you are only 3.5 I guess.  I think next year we will have to plan to ensure they are both sound asleep before setting out the gifts!

Katie loves her new kitchen and she will make anyone "agua".  She makes water.  All the time.  She has more play food, pots and pans, etc.  but for now she is fascinated with the sink in her kitchen and she loves to get people water.

She also is so in love with her babies.  I have a picture of her with her new Bitty Baby in the stroller and she will hand me my phone and say "baby" which means she wants to see that picture.  And then she wants to show it to anyone who will look.  She will point to herself and say "mommy".  She is proud to be a Little Mama.  Speaking of, Little Mommy is the sweetest book and one of Katie's new favorites.

Will is loving his new trucks, Avengers goods - masks and action figures - as well as his binoculars and his light saber.  While both kids love all of their new toys, they still love to play with boxes and other non-toys.  It is great to see the joy they get from playing with the most random things - including a pair of crutches that Will uses as fire hoses.

Waiting to go look under the tree

Katie unwrapping gifts

Katie and Andrew enjoying Lovey and Granddad's cashews (a favorite!)

All smiles

Shoveling snow

Running to throw a snowball at me.  Chad taught him this and he thought it was hilarious!

getting ready to throw another one...

and more...

Katie enjoyed eating the snow... but that was about all

Chat throwing snowballs at Will

and more snowballs - clearly this was a highlight

Kissing her baby

 with his new binoculars

 Little Mama and her baby (Katie's favorite picture)

Will and a Breadwinners cinnamon roll (he later told me that mine - from the can - are better!)


bath time

 Katie now sleeps under the cover and with a pillow!

{broken} stroller rides