Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today we had one of those Dallas thunderstorms.  The kind where they interrupt Oprah to track the storm, predict when it will hit all the different areas of town, and show the photos people have sent in of the hail in their area.

So when Will woke up from his nap I told him that it was going to rain at our house soon.  The weather man predicted that the rain would be here in 11 minutes, so he got dressed and we went downstairs to wait for the rain.  I told him that after it rained there would be some good puddles for us to go play in so he watched intently waiting for the rain. 

As we waited Will offered to go to the store to get some rain so we could have puddles.  I tried to explain that you can't buy rain at the store, but for now, you can buy anything at the store in Will's world.  Once we went outside and played in the huge puddles, Will requested more rain and again offered to go to the store to get it. 

We had a blast playing outside!  Some puddles were so deep and would splash so high that his boots actually had quite a bit of water in them when we were all done.  We went inside when it started to thunder again.  I told him thunder was the sky's way of telling us more rain was coming.  I don't want him to be scared of thunder as we get a lot of thunderstorms here in Dallas.  When we heard the thunder again, he told me it was time to go inside.  The rain was coming again.
Will watching the rain from inside

Looking at the sky for more rain

Checking out a huge puddle

This puddle is deep!

 He loved it so much he went back again...

...and again

big splash

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