Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to Work

 So I am easing into work.  The first three days back went really well and I definitely enjoyed catching up with all the folks I had talked to regularly before I went out on leave.

On the other hand, I sure do miss my time with this little cutie!  Today I got a bow to stay in her hair for the first time!

So far things have worked out pretty well.  When I finish work at 4:30p, I get some quality time with Katie.  Will usually wakes from his nap between 5:30-6p, so I then get some quality time with him before Chad gets home, we start dinner, etc.  Katie is usually just so content doing whatever, she often comes outside with us and just hangs out in a bouncy seat or car seat while we play in the front yard.  We always have so much fun outside.  It helps that the weather is gorgeous and the sunlight is just perfect.  Will usually finds a tree to climb, tootsie pop to eat or sidewalks to chalk.  There is never a dull moment...

Will climbing trees

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