Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Will's 4 Year Check Up

 We just got back from Will's 4 year check up.  He is a big boy with a clean bill of health!  Here are his stats.
  • 49.8 lbs (97%)
  • 43.5 inches tall (97%)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Katie is so snugly.  She wants to either be sitting on my lap, next to me, and if neither of these are happening, she will pat the seat next to her for me to sit down.  Yesterday she sat in my lap for an hour - drinking milk, coloring and brushing her teeth/eating toothpaste.  It is just the sweetest time I have with her and I soak it all in every day.

She loves to play "Mommy Baby" with her friend Sophia at the park.  When she sees Sophia coming, she starts saying "Mommy Baby Mommy Baby Mommy Baby!"  They only argue when they both want to be the Mommy.  We occasionally play it at home and I am always the baby.

I love the way she says "Wesh" when saying "Yes".  

Everyday when Chad comes home, Katie will run over to unlock the door and open it for him.  Every. Single. Day.  If he beats her to it, he has to go back outside and let her let him in.

Katie also asks to go to the pool every chance she gets.  This morning when I got her from her crib, her first words to me were "Pool?"  She is a little fish and loves to kick and swim under water.  We were watching a show about fish and she said "me!  under agua!"

Katie continues to have a great sense of humor.  She jokes and plays and has the most contagious giggle.  I am just so smitten with her!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Bikes

This past weekend the whole family got new bikes!  We initially went to get one for Will, but while we were there Katie was riding one around the store as well... so then I thought we should get her one and then  I should get one so I could ride with them and Chad thought he should too!  So far the bikes are a bit hit, as are the bells, baskets and helmets (or "hats" as Katie calls them). 

Katie isn't 100% sure about riding of hers.  Initially her seat was too high so it was hard for her to pedal.  For now, she is still enjoying her tricycle but she loves to talk about her bike and have me push her around the house.

These first two pictures of Will are from his first bike ride - within minutes of waking up Sunday morning, he was getting his helmet to go on his first ride.  Blankies ride in the basket.  He is super excited to ride his bike to the park with Loli this summer.  He rides his bike around the house - even from the living room to the bathroom and he has also been seen riding in the buff!

Some funny bike stories:

- Will likes to do "loop" turns (U-turns)

- At the store when we were looking at helmets, he asked why we need helmets.  I explained that the helmet would protect his head if he fell off his bike and his head hit the ground.  With his helmet on, Will knelt down on the ground and lightly banged his head against the ground a few times and then said "This one works!"

- I was explaining to Will that I used to have a road bike.  He told me that he has a sidewalk bike that he can ride on dry cement.


My new purple Electra Townie.  I'm in love.

Three of our four bikes all lined up at the bike shop

Monday, June 17, 2013

iPhone Photos

 Here are some of the latest iPhone pictures.  The first is a picture Loli sent me of Katie and her friends Ellie and Sophia having some girl time at the park. I'm told their girl time often includes switching shoes.  When I downloaded the picture, I realized Will is hanging on the side of the photo.

At the library after swim lessons

 Loli loves to do Katie's hair!

Watching the baby ducks

BIG day at the zoo

Another afternoon with our painter

Pilot Will

Eating dinner in his fort

Grocery Shopping

Balancing his milk on his toe

Post swim cinnamon roll

BIG day at the Perot

Serious shake drinker

A favorite - Will wearing his horse costume (he was going to wear it to the farm a few weeks ago).  He grabbed the cupcakes and icing before I got downstairs...and this is how I found him!

Katie gives Will a massage

Will's homemade birdhouse

First Pedicure

I gave Katie her first pedicure!  She just loves her pink toes - so much so she even showed them strangers at the pool!

Father's Day

 We had a great Father's Day.  The kids and I went to get Chad donuts for breakfast, followed by a brief viewing of Star Wars before Will and Chad went for a bike ride (we all got new bikes yesterday!).  We then met the Blanchards for lunch and then spent the evening at the pool. 

Chad wears a suit to work, so for Father's Day I took this picture of the kids in his shirts and ties.  I might have to make it an annual tradition!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The High Dive

 Last night I took the kids to the pool by myself.  They totally love it and it is actually pretty easy to take them on my own.  However, Will's new addiction to the diving board has changed the dynamics a little, and now he spends his time either on the diving board or negotiating with Katie to go back to watch him on the diving board.  It all works out as there is a shower by the diving board area where Katie seems to love to play.  She is a trooper and was totally find spending most of her time playing in the shower.

Will working to lure Katie to the diving board area

We started on the low dive where Will now just runs the plank

Will's first time on the high dive.  He was incredibly happy!

Celebrating the new diving board accomplishment with push ups!

The video - I love that he is almost half the size of the diver off the other diving board.  He really has no fear!

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Diving Board

Our fearless 4-year old discovered the diving board.  We were having a family night at the pool when Chad suggested Will try going off the diving board.  He did, and he loved it!  He probably went no less than 15 times and I am sure this will be a favorite summer activity.