Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Half Way There!

I just had my 20 week sonogram and I was thrilled when they reconfirmed that I am indeed pregnant with a girl.  Before today, we had one sonogram where we learned it was a girl.  That news sparked a shopping spree of all things pink, many of which I have already washed!  I even got some monogrammed items.  Then, I started to wonder - what if the sonogram was wrong???  Well, no more worries, the pink is here to stay!

Baby girl is looking good!  She wasn't moving all around like she was in prior sonograms, and we got some great views of her profile.  We could clearly see her ear, nose, and mouth.  I really don't think we ever had a sonogram where we could see this clearly with Will, so it was a real treat.  She looks all cozy and appears to be doing great. 

I was really looking forward to this appointment since I cannot feel her moving yet which they say is normal based on how everything is currently positioned.  They expect that I will feel her move in the next few weeks and I cannot wait.  I love the feeling of the baby moving - it gives me confidence that everything is ok. 

Keep growing baby girl!  We cannot wait to meet you in 18 weeks!

Trash, Inc.

Our current morning ritual is for Will and I to watch the Today Show together while he drinks his milk while snuggled in my lap.  I love this time together.  This lasts about 10 or so minutes on any given day or until he gets bored of pointing out the things he knows - like "bike" or "baby" or whatever it is.  However, today there was a segment on Trash in America.  They had garbage trucks in the first part of the segment, and then huge trucks that smash the trash in the second part.  Will would point and yell "trucks!" and "trash!".  These are two of his favorite things after all!  When the segment was done, he was disappointed.  He handed me the remote and said "truck" so we rewound the segment and watched it again...and again....and again.  When I would wait to rewind it, he would hand me the remote again.  I don't know how many times we watched it, but I started to recite the reporter's monologue towards the end.  I may record the special tonight as this would clearly entertain him.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall in the Park

It was a great fall day to be in the park, and Will took a decent fall in the park.  He was climbing on something and lost his footing, bumped his chin, and bit his lip.  It was a decent cut (his lip is still red today), there was blood and all, but Will cried for about 10 seconds before he saw another toy he wanted to play with and he was on his way.

We met our mom's group at the park, and it was the first time we have met at the park since probably May.  In May, the kids weren't walking/running with the kind of confidence they have today, so it was a whole new world.  The good news is the kids had a blast, the bad news is it is really hard to talk to other moms when the kids are running all over the park! 

Will loved the slide.  He has been climbing up and down slides more and more these past few weeks.  He now likes to slide down backwards on his tummy - I call it his spin move since he starts out in the normal position and then rolls over on the way down.

I also love his cute new shoes.  I was sad to think of him not wearing his brown sandals everyday, but I think he just looks adorable in his new Keds.  He does, however, look more like a toddler and less like a baby everyday.  Sigh.

 Little climber

Playing on the tunnel slide

He loves water fountains

Crying because there isn't any water...

Play time - check out his new shoes!

The slide series - getting ready to go

 Serious face

 On his way down

Starting his spin move

There he goes!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Feeding Maggie

One of Will's favorite things to do each morning is to feed Maggie.  This currently results in about half the food making it into her bowl, and the other half on the floor.  Once it is on the floor, Will loves to try to move all the pieces together using a dust tray.  I think this might be more fun than actually feeding Maggie.  He is always disappointed when Maggie tries to eat the food off the floor that he is trying to relocate.  He still loves her dearly and often asks for her first thing in the morning and after his nap.

Here comes Maggie - he isn't happy!

 trying to keep her from eating the food on the floor

 I think he gave up here and just petted her

 I love his tan skin with his light hair!  I am going to miss this summer look!

Putting the few pieces of food he saved from Maggie into a milk carton he found in the trash (he still loves trash!)

No more pictures!


I gave Will a much needed haircut.  I just am not ready to take him to a haircut place yet as I don't think he can sit still long enough to make it fun for anyone.  So, instead, I did it.  I wish Chad would have taken a video because it was hilarious.  He was crawling all around - in and out of my lap, on the floor, on a toy, etc.  It was a bit of a circus, but in the end it looks pretty good - at least the front does.  I would compare the back of it to a Monet as it is best viewed from afar.  Next time we may have to go to the pros!

Rainy Day in the Kitchen Sink

This is the sad face of a little boy on a rainy day!  He really wanted to go outside.  I mean, he really wanted to go.  He spends so much time outside, I assume it is hard for him to understand that we can't go to the park when it is raining.  He doesn't seem to mind the rain... on the way to the car he ran over to the water table (which is now filled to the brim) and splashed the water everywhere.  I think he would have been content to play in the rain... but I couldn't do it.  So, instead, he settled for playing in the kitchen sink.
He filled up containers...
 ...and then emptied them.
 He seemed to enjoy it!

Apparently it was so fun, he wanted to get IN the sink.

 All this playing makes a kid thirsty.
 Filling up his game day bottle!  Go Horns!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

World's Best Guacamole

At a Labor Day pool party at our neighbors, the Works, house,  our other neighbors, the Kinders, brought the world's best guacamole.  Will consumed so much guacamole that night - he was definitely his main course for dinner.  He loved Tara's guacamole so much that he would run over to where it was on the bar, and ask to be picked up so he could have more.

As a result, Tara was sweet enough to make him his very own batch of homemade guacamole.  I love this note she left for him - he is one lucky kid!  He shared very little with us... this may be his favorite food.

Tara lives across the street and has three cute kiddos and an awesome backyard - it is like a kid's heaven.  Will never wants to leave when we go over to play.  Today he had a great time playing with Nick and Maddie - he and Nick had a good time playing with rocks, and Will loved when Maddie pushed him around on Nick's bike.

Check out Nick - he's 3 and super cute.

Looks like they are having a serious discussion...

Will going for his first bike ride

Maddie just turned 5 - she is so sweet to Will!

Future Realtor

Holding his first Open House at 17 months...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goodbye Teething!

Three weeks ago when my parents were in town Will was a little under the weather.  I thought it was teething due to the typical symptoms I was seeing, but when Will stopped eating I took him to the doctor.

There was not a thing wrong with him  He got a clean bill of health.

So, for the next week, his "cold" continued.  Then it magically disappeared. 

Last week, his last 2 molars appeared.

Last weekend, 2 top incisors appeared.

Today, 2 bottom incisors appeared.

I am glad that is all over with.  All 16 teeth are in!  Now it is time to start brushing them...  We will give that a shot tonight...make that tomorrow night.  Tonight I am going out with the girls!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Baby Girl

So I am 18 weeks pregnant with baby girl!  We are fairly settled on the name Katherine Claire and we will either call her Kate or Katie.  Chad has been calling her Katie Claire which I think is just adorable.  I haven't monogrammed anything just yet, so until we do, it's not offficial!

Things are going well with this pregnancy - I really have no complaints!  I showed much earlier with baby girl than I did with Will, but it is a fine trade off for having good skin!  With Will my skin looked like I was just hitting my teenage years - it was awful!  My vision is still great - I am still not wearing glasses or contacts.  This time, I do have some cravings - peaches, plums and cantelopes.  I cannot seem to get enough of them!

Another thing I cannot get enough of - cute little girl clothes!  In my playgroup, there are 10 girls and 3 boys.  The girls have the cutest little outfits - my favorite being the bubble.  So, the day after we found out it was a girl, I bought this bubble.  It is all washed and ready for her to wear it!

I also bought this cute dress for next Halloween - check out the smocked collar.  I couldn't resist!

Her bedding has also arrived!  I love that the set is called "Kate".  Click here to see it!

No worries, I won't post all the 50 or so items I have bought thus far.  Let's just say the sonogram better be right!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Will's "Baby" Chant

We spend quite a bit of time "playing" in the car.  Will likes to sit in the driver seat and take over the wheel, play with the radio, tape deck (probably the last one he will see in his lifetime!), AC, hazards and windshield wipers.  He really enjoys the wipers and they always make him giggle and smile which I love. 

He recently learned the word "baby" and he will point to my tummy and say "baby".  Today while he was playing, he started chanting the word "baby".  He went on and on.  I caught the tail end of the chant in the video below.  Notice the wipers going in the background...

Sir William

Aunt Leen thought Will looked like baby royalty today when she saw him in this outfit.  I'm not sure baby royalty walks barefoot in the alleys or plays with stray basketballs, but that is what we do here! 

Puddle lover

Even the smallest puddle will do!

With his Aunt Leen who he just adores

Future meter reader

Watch out Dirk!