Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birthday Party Saturday

Today we went to 3 birthday parties. It was such a fabulous day and so fun to celebrate McLain, Bella and Emery's birthdays with them. Will kept saying "more parties!"

McLain had an easter egg hunt. This was Will's first egg hunt, and I think he got a total of 6 eggs. He opened each egg and would dump out what was in it. If he didn't want what was in it, he would shut it and put it back on the ground. It was so cute to watch.

McLain is 2!

Ellory and Will are off to get some eggs

Checking out the purple egg

His first of many cupcakes today

Then we were off to Bella's birthday party which had a Alice in Wonderland theme.  It was super cute, but I did not do a good job of taking pictures. 

Birthday girl Bella (a.k.a. Alice)

Will playing with the watering can (which he loved!)

The last buirthday party was for Emery Kate and it was an easter egg hunt!  Will was becoming a pro by the end as you can see from the pictures.  All 4 of us went and we had a great time!

Birthday girl Emery and her 2 candles

another cupcake!

Will and Emery talking (I would love to know what they were saying here)

and here

The hunt begins!  Checking out the loot

Throwing the baseball eggs

Katie's new admirer

Will and his dad

me with Will and Katie Boo

As if this day could get any better, Bapa, Ahma and Great Grandma Jo came over for dinner!  Will was so excited to see them all!

Will carrying in his new firetruck with a hose that sprays water!

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