Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Little Reader

 Katie really loves to read her books.  I really enjoy my time with her after her nap when she pulls them off the shelf and plays with them.

One of her favorites is a bug book my mom got for her.  She loves to feel the feathery bug. 

the bristly bug

her face when she needs help

i wish the light wasn't so crazy in this picture - she looks so cute!

rolling around the sofa playing with the blinds - another favorite

playing with her "music"

chasing Maggie

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

We had a fabulous Memorial Day!  We started the day with a walk to get donuts, and on the way, I took this picture of Will and Katie at the white house.  Per Will, this is The White House.  It had been under construction for well over a year and we referred to it as the white house.  For Will, he thought we meant The White House and when it was finally done, he asked when the President would come to live here.  That is a hard one to explain.  I tried to tell him this house was a white house and the President lives in the White House.  Even when I was explaining it it sounded so hard to understand.

I digress.  So I pushed Katie and Will rode his tricycle all the way to the donut store.  It isn't that far, but it is really far on a tricycle.  He loves it though and wouldn't have it any other way.

We spent the afternoon at our neighbor Pam's house...well, pool.  Will barely left the pool at all!  He was a total fish and just had the best time.  Katie is still unsure of the water but she too had a great time.  It was a great day!

ready for the pool party!

He loves to ride on Chad's back and go under water


I used to love being tossed in the air like this in the pool!


Jumping in

Blowing Bubbles

Jumping in with Chad

Swinging - Will is frustrated because the swing doesn't go "really really high"

Katie spent most of her time out of the water - by choice.  We will keep trying with her, but she doesn't love the water just yet


Margo and Katie discussing bubbles

The Pool is open!

 Memorial Weekend marks the opening of our neighborhood pool!  Will was so excited to this year as he now qualifies to go in the big pool!  You have to be potty trained and we used that as an incentive which seemed to work!  Chad and Will spent most of their time in the big pool with occassional visits to me and Katie at the water park. 

Katie really took to the water park area.  She wasn't as keen on going in the kiddie pool but I figure by the end of summer she may love that too.  For now, she was perfectly content to play with the water fountains.

At the water park

My ISO was too high here - but it kind of turned out cool!


waiting for the water fountain

so happy!

she loves to wear my sunglasses

I love this picture since she looks like a baby!

her feet are long and narrow!

Dinner at the pool!

On our way out, Katie stops to read the sign...

Friday, May 25, 2012

She has a big brother

 Katie loves to push trucks around.  I think this is part of having a big brother.  I assume if she was older and Will was younger, Will would be playing with her purses and tea sets.  She wants to be like him and do whatever he is doing, so we find her playing with his toys quite a bit.  She seems to prefer them to her own, although she does enjoy her dolls too.  And she loves to read.  After her daily nap, she reads lots of books.  She loves to flip the flap and read the books where there is something to touch.  This morning she was calling for me and when I went to get her, she was sitting in her crib reading and saying "mama" while she turned the pages.  So cute!