Friday, August 30, 2013

Will's First Day of Pre-K

Will started school this past Monday at Highland Park Presbyterian Day School.  He was in their Beginners program last year, and he has quite a few familiar faces in his class this year.  His teacher is Mrs. Anne Scates and she is just delightful.  I'm not sure who is more excited about his class this year!  I just cannot wait to see what all he learns.  Mrs. Scates looks to be an amazing teacher who loves to inspire creativity.  Will has already made a few "books" and many art projects.  He will go Mondays-Thursdays 8:15am-11:45. 

First day of school artwork

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seaside Day 6 & 7

 Today we headed out to the beach as soon as the rain stopped.  It was actually wonderful on the beach for the hour or so we were there.  All was well until I saw the Watercolor yellow flag go down and the red flag go up. Everyone started packing up as the storm headed into town.

We took the kids to Fired Up, a pottery studio where they painted some cupcakes that should be shipped home to us shortly.  Will loved squeezing tons of paint everywhere and anywhere he could, so it will be interesting to see his when it arrives.  Katie's was painted slowly with a tiny paint brush.  It will be easy to tell whose was whose!


Making sand castles

You can see the storm clouds coming in behind Will

Back at home Katie and Baby have some chips

Walking to Fired Up - notice the pond behind her!

 Will making his cupcake

Katie and her cupcake

Katie on the plane with her wings!

Katie letting her dollhouse Daddy look out the window

Seaside Day 5

Today we had a beautiful day in Seaside - the weather was amazing!  We headed out to the beach and had a great time swimming with the kids.  We spent tons of time in the water and it was so clear we could see the fish swimming around us.  Chad even saw a ray! 

The kids loved playing in the sand and collecting shells.  It was the clearest day for this, and it was so fun to see how excited they would get to find clam shells and other little shells. 

The highlight however was the bonfire.  We had a bonfire in Watercolor with the Methvins and our other friends that were staying close by, the Rosenkranzes.  It was so fun to make s'mores, drink wine from milk and orange juice bottles (no glass on the beach!) and then look for crabs on the beach using our flashlights.  It was truly fun and I think Will was in heaven.  He would hold the crabs and show them to everyone so they could see.  Lovey should be so proud!

Will and Ahma on the beach

Will found {part of} a really pretty shell!

Will looking for shells while Katie plays in the sand

Will excited to have found a clam shell still in one piece

 They were exhausted.  Will took a huge nap with his Spider boppy and Teddy

Katie woke up only to fall right back asleep on Chad (a rare event in our house!)


Will making s'mores

Katie loved them!

 Will and Dylan shining a flashlight on a ghost crab

Seaside Day 4

Today we had a great day at the beach!  The weather was fabulous, Katie and Will loved spending time floating in the water, and we had a great time playing in the sand.  However, the highlight was definitely when the Methvins found a hermit crab in a gorgeous shell and they let us play with him.  This may be the trip highlight (although when I ask Will about his favorite part of the trip, he will also tell me the best past is eating "white bagels".)

Buried alive!

Will's smile says it all.  Meet Queber V.  (Former Quebers were snails and a butterfly.) 


Ahma and Bapa arrived today.  Katie and Ahma did some shopping at Duckies.