Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pony Tails

 Check out her ponies!  We are getting close to having her wear 2 pig tails and I cannot wait.  She is such a little girl - loves her sunglasses and had to carry Will's for him too.  She loves an accessory!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

 It's November 28th and kids have already seen Santa...twice.  Both times Will loved it and Katie screamed for her life. 

Will's initial Christmas list included a small tv and small remote control.  Luckily, he asked Santa #1 for the Avengers (specially Iron Man and Captain America).  After leaving Santa's lap, Will said "I forgot to ask for a bow and arrow and a kitchen for Katie!" 

Luckily, we saw Santa #2 yesterday and Will asked for a bow and arrow, a kitchen for Katie and then also spontaneously asked for a doll for Katie.  I hope Santa could hear him over Katie's cries!  It was sweet to see him ask on Katie's behalf. 

Will chasing Katie


 My brother-in-law took these fantastic pictures over Thanksgiving.  The one of Will and Guerin might be an all time favorite.  They really had a great time together.  We celebrated Christmas with Guerin as well, and the boys loved playing with Guerin's new stomp rocket.  Katie got babies and coordinating bunk beds and she plays with them non-stop!  I just love these ages for my kiddos.  It seems like it each day is more fun than the last!

Katie (Little Mama) pushes a baby

Guerin opens his stomp rocket

putting it to the test!

Will trying to "hook'em"

Katie, resting for her next run down the hill

There she goes!  She loved racing her daddy

so happy!

Climbing on Ahma and Bapa's awesome playground!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sunday at the Perot

We headed back to the Perot on Sunday during their soft opening and it continues to impress!  I look forward to going on my own, sans kiddos, and enjoying the exhibits.  The kids love it, but it is hard for me to really take it all in while they are with me.

Playing outside

Listening to someone talk about stars

Waiting for the elevator

Moving blocks on the conveyor belt - a favorite

Filling up the lock with water

They love the water area

Katie arranging some flowers

Will Bee making honey


 We had a wonderful thanksgiving in Austin!  We stayed with my parents along with Kathleen, Chuck and Andrew and it was so fun to all be under one roof!  I think we will plan to do it again soon!

The kids spent lots of time outside as it was at least 75 degrees most of the time we were there!  It was gorgeous and I was reminded of how beautiful Austin is.  Growing up there, I certainly had no appreciation of this as it was all I knew.  Returning home now, I just love the drives on 360 between the cliffs.  Sides of the highways filled with trees, some changing colors and some adorned with Christmas ornaments.  Between this, the lakes and the hills, it makes me want to move...if only I didn't love life in Dallas so much!

I forgot my camera when we headed to Bill and Becky's for Thanksgiving, so I am lacking any actual Thanksgiving photos!  Here are some from our lunch at a burger place with a playground (I wish we had these in Dallas!).

Climbing the wall

This playground was huge - certainly meant for bigger kids than mine!

but that didn't stop Will...

...or Katie!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Klyde Warren Park

 We went to Klyde Warren Park this weekend.  It is a new park in Dallas that is located on top of Woodall Rodgers Freeway right off downtown.  It is a really great space and the kids play area is unique.  We haven't been to another play area like this!  Will and Katie had a great time playing and climbing.  Will already requested a return trip today, however, the kids are resting up for a visit with Santa this afternoon.  He is in town to light the tree in Snider Plaza.  Will is ready with his wish list which luckily has switched from a small t.v. with a small remote control to any and all Avenger action figures. I am wondering what Katie will think of Santa this year.  I am predicting tears...

busy climbing

investigating the water

running to see Dad and Will

In the tunnel


Playing on the rocks

Putting on her own coat.  She doesn't like help anymore which means she often wears a coat backwards.


Will and Uncle Chuck.  This picture makes me realize how big Will really is!  He has lost any hint of being a toddler.

Climbing with downtown behind him