Monday, April 4, 2011

2 months old!

For Will's second birthday, Katie turned 2 months old!  Time is going by way too quickly with her!  I think it goes by faster the second time as we have more going on.  It probably also helps that I am less sleep deprived this time!

Katie has proven to be a dream baby and I now understand why people have three kids!  She is a great sleeper and has such a relaxed, laid back personality.  This month Katie:

* Weighs 13 lbs 5 oz (95%)

* Is 23.5 inches long (90%)

* Has a head circumference of 39.3 (73%)

* Started sleeping through the night.  At 5 weeks, she was sleeping between 7-11 hours.  She got up once at 5:30am and once at 6:30am, but otherwise she has slept past 7 and sometimes as late as 10:30am.  She is sleeping in the lamb swing, and while I think she would sleep in her crib just fine, we don't want to mess up a good thing!  So, she will continue to sleep in her swing until we are brave enough to move her.

* Made her debut at her Sip N See.  It was a great party and I think she loved being held by everyone.

* Is super alert.  She looks all around, follows me with her eyes when I walk through a room, and loves being outside. 

* Loves being held.  She hardly cries, but she is almost guaranteed not to cry if she is being held.  The only reason she cries is when she is hungry and we have ignored her signals.  She is a very patient little girl!

* Seems to be pretty strong!  She pushes quite a bit with her legs and if I hold her so she is standing in my lap, she puts pressure on her legs and holds them straight.  I have no idea what this means or if it means anything, but it is a fun little game for us to play.

* Has a big brother that seems to love her.  He brings her toys and has even tried to give her a Flavor Ice.  That's love.

* Thinks the monkey is hilarious!

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  1. Seriously! How is she old enough to be smiling at the monkey?? I can't believe it! She really is a dream baby. :)