Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh Katie!

Isn't she the cutest thing?  We are so smitten with her.  I feel like I could just eat her up every single day.

So far, the only downside with Katie is that she likes everything.  Everything includes dirt, sand and dog food.  The first time she put dog food in her mouth I was all for it.  I figured, just like with Will, she would try it and find it gross and that would be the end.

Nope.  She loved it.  Or liked it enough to continue to eat it.  We have to watch her like a hawk when we feed Maggie and we are outside.  She loves to eat the sand in the sandbox, and yesterday I turned my back while she was playing and when I looked around she was shoveling a huge handful of dirt in her mouth. 

The beach should be interesting this summer!

This is how she carries this bucket and any purse she can get her hands on!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Will, Age 3 Stats

I took Will to the doctor for his 3rd year check up.  He has grown so much since last year!  He is:

* 39 lbs (97%)

* 39.25 inches (90%)

He gained 12 lbs since last year!  He was only 50% for weight last year, so it seems like now he is a little more proportionate.

He did great at his appointment.  He introduced himself to people in the waiting room ("Hi, I'm William.  I'm here for my check up.")  We have been watching the new show Doc McStuffins so Will was prepared for them to check his ears, check his eyes and to find out how much he has grown.  It is a super cute show - if you have kids I highly recommend it.  He enjoyed letting the nurse listen to his heart and he wanted to listen to hers in return.  He had to get one shot that we failed to get earlier, but after some brief tears he asked if he could go get on the scale again.

He didn't want to leave when it was time to go.  I hope he feels the same at his next checkup - I hear there are lots of shots at the 4-year appt!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We went to Penne Pomodoro for dinner on Friday night.  It was eventful - Katie fed herself macaroni and cheese off of an adult-sized folk and Will got his first refill.  He had finished his drink and the waiter asked him if he wanted a refill.  Will took it, and I think the idea of the refill sunk in a few minutes later.

Saturday we went to lunch at Banditos.  The waiter brought Will his water and Will immediately said "Pretty soon I am going to need a refill."  Katie actually finished her water first and Will flagged down the waiter on his own without prompting and said "Can you get Katie a refill?"  It was so cute to see him be a such a sweet big brother! 

Sense of Humor

 Katie has a sense of humor already.  It is hilarious and surprising and makes me smile.  I don't remember when we first saw Will's sense of humor, but Katie's is showing up at 14m!

I was putting Will's sandals on when Katie came and snatched one and walked away.  I said "Katie" and she looked at me.  I said "Can I have Will's sandal?"  and she shook her head no a bunch of times and laughed.  Then she smiled really big and brought it back to me. 

It was so cute and she thought she was hilarious!


Katie Frankenstein

 Katie has been walking for about 3 weeks now and she still has the frankenstein walk although we are seeing it less frequently.  I love when kids first start walking - they hold their arms up for balance and it just looks so cute.  She is becoming more proficient and even running I had to get a picture of the frankenstein walk before it is gone for good!

I took Katie to the park while Will was a swim lessons this weekend and she is a pro!  She climbs up the playground equipment and goes down the slide by herself.  While it is so fun to watch, it seems she is growing up too fast...

Checking out the ducks!

Going down the slide

So proud of herself

The Snail

 We found this gorgeous snail in our backyard.  Check out his shell!  This snail was HUGE!  I have seen him once before so I assume he lives with us and we only see him after some rain.  Will loved seeing him and watching him.  He had the hardest time not touching him, so I let him touch him gently to see what he felt like.  My fear was he would squeeze him like he has done to quite a few rolly polly bugs.

looking for the snail

Sharing a worm with his cousin Guerin

Katie drinking from the hose

Post-backyard play Kitchen-sink bath

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Will's 3rd Birthday Party

 This past weekend we celebrated Will's third birthday at the local firestation.  Will had a great time and I think his friends did too!  We spent about 30 minutes climbing in the fire trucks and ambulances at the fire house, and then headed across the street to the park for lunch and cake. 

Will and Armando in the driver seat

Our fire girl

Great Gramma Jo and Ahma loved seeing Katie

Will and Armando looking for stray tennis balls

Time for cupcakes!

Cousin Guerin with a cupcake


me and Katie Booms

Cousin Andrew had a great time!

Will and Armando hiding in the bushes with lollipop colored smiles

they found a worm!

Will wrapping himself up in my skirt as we walk to the car...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest Photographers

 This weekend I had 3 guest photographers use my camera.  Will (age 3), Armando (age 4) and Maddie (age 6).  I personally was surprised at how well their images turned out, so I thought they deserved their own blog entry.

Please note Will's dirty fingers.  He is all boy.

Getting the feel of it


he was a little too close

his picture of Katie

 Waving Dad, taken by Will

A Shoot off with Granddad

Zarina and Lovey

Armando's turn

His close up of me and Will

Maddie took these pictures of Katie and I just love them!  I think she might be a budding photographer!