Friday, March 28, 2014

Croquet and an ER Visit

 We went to our friend's house for a day of games.  Katie took to croquet while Will enjoyed telling everyone to come in when it was raining and organizing the Gatorade in a cooler.  I am pretty sure seeing so many Gatorade flavors was a highlight for him.

While eating lunch and drinking Gatorade, we started talking to some kids at the table behind us.  As Will was turning in his chair, the chair tipped and Will's forehead hit squarely on the table behind us.  I saw it happen and knew it was split and would require stitches.  When I saw that it didn't split, I was relieved!  I held him and consoled him and after a few minutes I put him down to check on his head. 

I was not ready for what I saw!

There was a huge goose egg on his forehead.  It was white and blue and brought tears to my eyes.  By this time, Will had stopped crying and I started crying!

We took him to the ER since this was a first.  Will was thrilled to be going to the hospital.  He loves all things doctor related.  On the way there, he had lots of questions.  "Is this where Aunt Leen works?"  "Do they have a fish tank?" (No, that was Dell Childrens - where we went for our Austin ED visit last summer.)  "Will they take pictures of my bones?"

He was fine.  Nothing to worry about, but I definitely slept better knowing he was ok.


Katie holding Gwendolyn - she was in heaven

 Will's shiner - on the way to the ER

You can see how big it was here - Will resting in the ER waiting room

Waiting to be discharged

Bring on summer!

 The kids are so excited for summer.  Summer means frozen treats and these two are addicted to push ups.  Luckily I found pro-biotic yogurt frozen snacks that they believe are push ups, and they love them!  It's perfect!

Bike Rides

 Will is loving his bike.  So much so, before we started on our bike ride on this particular day, Will requested we stop by the bike store to get a light for his bike.  While we were there, he also inquired about getting additional baskets and bags for his bike so he could carry his "paper collection".  He might be a hoarder.

Luckily, the nice man at the bike store explained that his bike cannot accommodate saddlebags.  He even had to show Will that the rack would not fit on his current bike.  Will is ready to grow so he can get the next size bike. 

We think Will rode about 7 miles on this day.  He and I went on a ride and then he and Chad went on another bike ride on the Katy Trail.  I foresee a lot of bike rides in our future this spring!

Art Town, Part II

I have tried so hard to avoid an Art Town revival.   We set up an area in Will's room where he can hang his art work and for months, that has worked.

Then suddenly, Will decided he needed these school papers right by his bed.  Luckily, he can only reach so far from his bed so hopefully it won't be another full-blown Art Town.

Kindergarten and Marriage

 We enrolled Will for Kindergarten this fall!  He will be going to Armstrong Elementary and he couldn't be more excited.

We attended the round up which basically meant that the parents got an overview while the kids got a tour and snacks. 

Before the kids went on their tour, the principal gave a speech while Will sat next to me and his best girl friend Eisley sat next to him.  It was a pretty quiet room, and Will in his outside voice says "Eisley, when I grow up, I'm going to marry you.  Ok?"  They proceeded to have an entire conversation about where they will live, etc.  Will has informed me that he will need bigger bunk beds when they do get married.

 I think Katie will really miss her brother when he is in school all week!

Soccer Spring 2014

 We are enjoying the spring soccer season.  By enjoying, I mean that I enjoy seeing the families on ours and other teams, Will loves the snacks after the game (which we always consume in the gazebo) and Katie loves to play outside during the games.  She even reminds me to "cheer for Toto."

The actual soccer part is about 10% of it.  I think we are getting the idea of which way the goal is, but honestly, Will prefers to talk to his friends on the field and even hug his friends on the other team mid-game. 

Katie and Liza

Dinner Date

 Katie loves to share dinner with us.  She loves couscous and salmon and often eats about half my dinner!  This night she shared with Chad instead.  She prefers to eat off our plates but likes to use her own spoon.

Teacher for the Day

 At the annual HPPDS fundraiser, we bid on "Teacher for the Day" for Will.  We won, and Will was thrilled!

He got to assign who did what - who said the prayer, who held the flag, who talked about the weather for the day, etc.  He also decided to write a song for his class and teach it to them. 

Will had a great time being in charge!

Mrs Scates showing the class Will's shirt - stating he is the Teacher of the Day