Monday, February 17, 2014

Soccer Practice

We are excited to have soccer season starting again!  Our practices are Sunday evenings and we usually get some quality park time in before hand.  The Blanchards often join us too - which is always fun to have some good cousin time!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

We had a fun valentine's day!  It was the first one that Will really got into - so Katie got into it as well!  The kids loved getting some candy for breakfast - especially the combination hearts - as Will has renamed the conversation hearts.

It might be a picture overload, but I am a sucker for Katie in those pig tails!

We love Friday mornings when Brax comes over before tennis!

Found Money and Stolen Yogurt

 Today was one of the best Saturdays we have had in a while - the weather was amazing so it was so nice to be outside!  We spent about 3 hours at the park where we met a couple who was out with metal detectors.  The kids LOVED this.  While we were there, they found 2 quarters and a penny with the metal detectors.  They were super sweet to the kids and didn't seem to mind their curiosity at all. The kids loved checking out the found money.

We also had a milestone I hadn't plan to track - Will stole his first item!  We were at lunch and Will was playing in the back of the restaurant as he always does.  We realized he snuck out, and I went the wrong way to find him.  That bought him a little more time, and next thing I knew he was walking towards me with a huge smile on his face holding a cup of frozen yogurt and a cup of toppings.

He was so proud that he had gotten the yogurt and toppings all by himself at the yogurt store next to where we were having lunch....but the boy had no money!  He filled up his cups and walked right out of the store.  It was a little sad to squash his excitement but it was a great time to teach him a lesson on stealing.

So we took the yogurt back to the store.  Will, with tears steaming down his face, told the people he was sorry and that he would go get money to pay for the yogurt.  We gave the yogurt back and went back to get my purse so we could pay for the stolen goods.  As we are leaving the store, the yogurt store worker comes out and offers the yogurt and toppings to us - saying they will just have to throw them away so we could just have it.  I had to tell him no which just led to more crying and tears.

We paid for the yogurt and now Will has to earn $3 to pay for the yogurt he stole.  We told him he could earn it by helping out with chores around the house.  I think this might be leading to our first allowance!

Will looking for metal treasures

When Katie wasn't wearing her sunglasses, she was looking for the green shammy to clean them.

Katie's new friend Cindy.  They had a great time playing tag and chase.

Will picks up some older ladies

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wiggly Teeth!

Yesterday Will had his regular 6-month check up with the dentist.  He was so excited to go see Ashley, his hygienist, that you would have thought we were going to the toy store. He was all smiles!

He was having lunch with his friends, and I stopped by to pick him for his appointment.  I asked if he had finished his lunch he said that he ate some, but then he was just too excited so he didn't finish his lunch.

I have never seen so much excitement about going to the dentist!

On the way there, I realized we were going to a different office - the office where I get my retainer.  I told Will about this, and he was dead set that he too would be getting a retainer.

We walked into the office and the first question he asked is "Can I get my retainer today?"  The receptionist passed him off to Ashley who then said the dentist would need to look at his teeth to see if he needs a retainer.

When the dentist looked in his mouth, she told him she was checking to see if he needs one... Sadly for Will, he didn't need one that day... but as she checked his teeth she noticed that 2 of them are wiggly!  I can barely see them move, but they do move!  It might be a while until they fall out (6 months or so) and I am all for waiting as long as possible for that to happen!

Will was so excited about his wiggly teeth that we had to make some calls from the car to let people know, and when we got back to meet up with his friends, he ran to tell them.  He even said "this is the best day ever!"

Monday, February 10, 2014


Driving from a playdate...
Will:  Are we going to move from our house?
Me:  probably…maybe in a few years.
Will:  Do you think we will live in one of these houses on this street?
Me:  I don’t know.  Do you see a house you like?
Will:  Or we could move to a house on a different street.  Maybe in Africa.

Getting Will ready for school and day dreaming about how some kids dress themselves...
Me:  Just think – soon you will get ready all by yourself.  You wont need me to put your clothes on anymore.
Will:  Yah.  Ill probably be driving a car then too.