Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday in the Backyard

Well, we don't really have a backyard per se, it's more of a deck.  For now, it seems to be all Will needs.  He loves the pool, he loves the water table, and he loves going out the back gate to look for trucks in the alley.  The only truck that reliably comes down the alley is the garbage truck, and it comes on Mondays...but he looks for it everyday.

Today Chad held Will up and let him peek over the fence.  This was a huge hit - Will needed to do it again and again and again - so that led to a P90X-type arm workout for Chad.  This smile makes me think it was worth it...

Will is also really enjoying his firetruck.   Here he is with his fire dog.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Water Boy

Yesterday Will went underwater.

On his own.


And he thought it was funny!

Loli took him to the pool. He was sitting down with the water up to his neck which he loved...and then he saw a toy at the bottom of the pool in front of him. When he couldn't reach it, and went get it. Loli quickly pulled him up since it was suprising that he would just go underwater like that, and he just started laughing. When she put him in the water, he did it again.

I took him to the pool today and he loved it.  He loved walking around in the water, playing with other kids' toys, and standing up by the water falls.  He has no fear!

So my fears of having a kid who hated the pool/water park have subsided. Our first visit to the pool this year was spent opening and closing the gate for those coming in and out. Anytime I would put Will near the water, he would walk right back to the gate.

I am so thankful for the break through as there aren't many places besides the pool that I want to be when it is 100 degrees outside!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Will had his first lime at Rusty Taco here in Dallas.  Ever since then, I have wanted to catch his reaction on a video.  Thanks to our new Flip Video from Ahma and Bapa, we now have a video of Will eating a lime.  I love his expressions...

Father's Day Weekend

We had a fabulous Father's Day weekend in Austin!  It was nice to celebrate Chad's second Father's Day with both of our dads!

We drove down on Friday afternoon and when we got to Bill and Becky's house, Guerin and Will were off to play!  They had a great time playing together and I think they will be great friends. 

Playing with the kitchen (love that Will is on his tip toes)
Guerin and his Uncle Chad
We spent most of Saturday on the lake.  Will seemed to like it, and he also enjoyed some pool time at my parent's house on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  It was a busy trip, but it was so great to see everyone and spend time with family. 

Will and his Aunt Jenny
Ahma and Will
In his life jacket
Boat cat nap
Will loves anyone else's sunglasses - just not his own!

Pool time

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Will loves sticks.  Typically you get an instant smile like this one when you hand him a stick.  Now that I have a little boy, I find myself noticing sticks and looking for "good" sticks when we are on walks.  There are good sticks and bad sticks.  Good sticks usually have less branches and are fairly sturdy on their own.  Bad sticks are usually small and more likely to be eaten.  I'm not sure if Will would agree on the good vs. bad definition, but luckily he can't debate the issue with his current vocabulary of trash, trash can and Gie (Maggie).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ranch Dressing

Will loves to play in our refrigerator, and typically he takes some of the salad dressings out and "plays" with them.  They usually wind up on our kitchen floor as soon as he sees the next best thing. 
Today things were different.  Our ranch dressing disappeared.  We couldnt't find it, and then a few hours later we found it (along with one of my shoes) in Will's tent (courtesy of the Gunnins).   

Once we found it, Will gave it back...
but then he quickly wanted it back.  He thought it was hilarious.
And then he carried it everywhere...even in his tunnel.
He had a few minutes in the ball pit where he was happy as can be - this is new!
But in the end, everything is better with ranch.

Trash Talker

Will still loves trash.  Now that he is walking, he likes to carry the trash cans around the house, and with this development, he has added the word "trash can" to his vocabulary.  Unfortunately, he also now likes to empty the trash can.  Check out the smile on his face once he turned the trash can upside down.  Pure joy.

Will's First Summer Job

Will has his first summer job!  He is officially in charge of filling up his pool and water table...and he loves doing it!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

14 Months Old

Yesterday was Will's 14 month birthday.  And as usual, this was my favorite month ever.  Will seems to know so many words and he seems to understand everything we are saying. 

At 14 months, Will:

* is walking!

* loves trucks.  He likes them more than cars.  He says "vroom vroom" when he sees a truck or when we talk about going outside.

* points at the sky when he hears an airplane.

* loves the broom that Rosa gave him.

* loves his little pool on the back deck.  He crawls right into it and can play by himself for long periods of time.

* had his second haircut

* now says "trash" vs. just "tra" from last month.  He loves to put things in the trash can.