Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday School

This is Katie on Sunday before she went to Sunday School.  Katie is an easy baby so Sunday School seemed like it would be really easy for us.  Well, last week when we picked her up, she was crying because she had seen other moms come and get their babies before her.  This Sunday she was crying because all the other babies had bottles and she didn't.  I don't even think she was hungry but I think she just wanted what the other babies had.

It's funny how much they can pick up on at just 6 months of age.  Next week I am packing some baby food for her to eat when the other babies take a bottle and we will plan to leave church a few minutes early so she isn't the last baby in the nursery. 

Will however seems to really like Sunday School.  This is huge for us since he always cried when he went to the nursery.  When we went to pick him up from his first week of Sunday School he was busy playing and didn't see us.  This week I asked him what he learned in Sunday School and he really didn't give an answer.  Later in the day he was playing and out of the blue he threw his hands up and said "amen!"  That must have been what he learned!  It will be fun to see what all he learns this year as this is his first real structured learning experience.


Will loves playing with Chads toolbox.  He really enjoys looking at all the tools.  He knows most of their names and when he says "wrench" it really sounds more like "ranch".  Although I want him to say things correctly, I will be sad when he actually does!

Will loves the drill and magnetic screw drivers.  These are his favorites.  We also have a glue gun.  When I told Will the name, he picked it up and made shooting noises.  I guess it is in little boy DNA because neither Chad or I have exposed him to anything gun related. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cousin Andrew!

We are SO excited to welcome cousin Andrew to the world!  He was born 8/22 at 4:06pm, 6lbs 14ozs and measuring 19.75 inches long.  He is so cute and sleepy right now - I just cannot hold him enough!  I am so thrilled that my kids will grow up with their cousin - what a treat! 

Andrew and his mama

Daddy Chuck

Proud Aunt!

Smitten Lovey

Getting checked out in  the nursery

Andrew meets baby whisperer, Uncle Chad

With Granddad

Isn't he perfect?

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Today I was getting Katie dressed for church, and Will looked at her and said "Mommy, Katie looks like a princess!"

I don't know if he even knows that that means, but it made my heart melt.  So sweet!

(By the way, Katie did not wear this tutu to church.  I didn't take a single picture today, so I had to look in the archives.)

Little Fish

 Chad has been taking Will to swim lessons all summer - every Saturday morning.  In all, he has probably been to 8 or 9 lessons and I am amazed at what a difference it has made!

First of all, Will loves his swim lessons.  We sing his swim songs all week and we talk about all the girls in his class.  He often wakes up on Sunday mornings and asks if he can go to swim lessons again but usually settles for Central Market instead. 

Chad had mentioned how great he had been doing in the water and how he just loved to jump in and swim underwater.  I have heard this for weeks, but I just took him to the pool for the first time in probably 5 weeks and WOW - I was amazed at my water baby.  He gets in and out of the pool easily, has no fear jumping in, and loves to go underwater.  He would tell me "I'm going under water!" and the he would just go under and stay for a few seconds.  He would swim underwater to the area when he would jump, and then once he jumped in, he would swim underwater to me.

We have been really pleased with Emler and Will is excited to be enrolled in the next level of class. When I told him that Chad would not be getting in the water for the class, his response was "he will be dry."  Not at all what I expected as a response, but so true!

One of the best parts about the pool - other people's toys!

Jumping in

Going under water

More under water

Watering his toes

Jumping in - with the teapot!


Friday, August 19, 2011


 Katie is one expressive little girl.  Within 15 clicks, I captured all of these different faces!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Katie

 I've struggled a bit recently with the fact that Katie is already 6m old.  It was different with Will.  I watched him grow every inch and I watched him change day to day.  I watched him wake up and I watched him fall asleep.  I had nothing else in the world to do at night but to watch him sleeping on the monitor.  He was my world, and while time went quickly, I was watching every minute. 

With Katie, life is busier.  I am busy talking to Will and watching him as he loves to climb, play with tools, and ride his scooter around the house.  At night I am tired and I often just watch some mindless TV before taking a shower and hopping into bed.  I often don't turn on the monitor after the kids are asleep.  I don't make it down the hall each night to see Katie sleeping in her crib. 

I guess it is the difference between life with 1 baby and life with 2.  I wouldn't trade it for the world and in many ways I can't remember life without her.  For now, I am taking every moment I can with Katie to enjoy her babiness.  Luckily Will is napping late these days so I have had at least an hour a day with her alone to soak in all of her.  She is such a sweet and precious little girl and I never want to forgot her as she is today.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Laughing Katie

She only laughs when you REALLY rock her!  I think she will ride roller coasters!

Buried feet

 Katie had her first adventure in the sandbox this weekend.  Will really enjoyed burying her feet, and Katie watched and seemed to enjoy the experience.  Luckily she didn't try to eat any sand, but she did enjoy playing with it!

Katie and her buried foot

More Alice

I forgot how much I loved the baby stages.  Katie is 6m old, and we are just having a blast with her.  She smiles, giggles, and squeals so much - she can't help but bring a smile to my face all the time.  I want to just eat her up.

She is still loving her Alice.  I can't help but take pictures of her with her doll - it is just too cute!

Dallas World Aquarium

Chad joined the aquarium a few weeks ago after going one weekend with Will to escape the heat.  Will and Chad have gone every weekend ever since.  This weekend Katie and I joined them, and it was really fun.  Will knows his way around really well.  We were walking by something that looked like nothing, and Will points and says "Turtles!"  Sure enough, if you lean over and crook your head to the left, you can see turtles.  I think he and Chad have probably seen every single animal that lives there.

Speaking of, if you ever go, I should warn you that the crocodiles are so large they almost don't look real. I have never seen a crocodile so big in my life!

 checking out the river otters

Katie doing some stretches

checking out the stingrays