Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4th of July

We went to Austin and San Antonio for the 4th of July this year. 

We headed to Ahma and Bapa's house first where we got to see Cousin Guerin and then headed to a 4th of July celebration at the golf club.  The kids had a blast getting balloon animals, clearing the sand traps on the golf course and just spending time with family.

The next morning we drove to the Hyatt Hill Country with Ahma and Bapa and spent the next few days on the lazy river.  We all loved floating around and we lost count of how many times we made the loop.  They had amazing fire words on the 4th  and this was the first time the kids stayed up for them.  They loved them!  

On the way home we stopped at Lovey and Granddad's for a swim before taking the Will and Chad to the airport.  They had to fly back to Dallas for work and camp and Katie and I stayed behind and got to visit with the Snyders.  Katie and Amelie were fast friends and it was so fun to see them play together!
Playing in Ahma and Bapa's basement

You can really see Will's new tooth coming in!

Will and Guerin

At the 4th of July party at the golf club - Katie loved her balloon pink poodle

Taking the golf cart to our car

Looking for hummingbirds at Ahma and Bapa's

Hyatt Hill Country lazy river

 the assistant porter


Ahma checks Will's other teeth to see if they are wiggly

 heading home

Plane selfie

Puppet show by Amelie and Katie

Sweet note Amelie wrote Katie (Kade) after our visit.  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Underwater Camera

When we first went to the pool this summer, I took my camera and probably snapped only a few pictures.  For the past few years the kids were spending a lot of their time above the water.  This year is different - they both are in the big pool and are spending a lot of time underwater.  

I decided the only way I would get any summer pictures would be to invest in a waterproof camera.  We are having so much fun with it!  

Will lost a tooth

We had an unexpected surprise - Will lost his first tooth!  We knew two teeth were starting to wiggle, per the dentist visit in February.  However, we haven't really talked about it much since then.  Will was telling our neighbor about his two wiggly teeth, and when she wiggled them she told me that it could come out that night... and it did!

Will was so excited and so proud.  He was so pleased that the tooth fairy brought him a "gold coin" - a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.  He ran into our bedroom early the next morning with a big (one-tooth-less) smile on his face and showed us his treasure.

I find myself staring at his mouth all the time now!  He looks different without one of his bottom teeth.  While it is hard for me to see him growing up so fast, he is thrilled to be hitting these milestones.
Birdseye view - you can see the permanent tooth is already showing! 

Will's selfie


Will and Katie decided to get married.  We had a little impromptu wedding complete with a princess bride, topless groom, a guest (our neighbor Maddie), a walk down the isle from Chad, and wedding rings (a heart for Katie and a storm trooper ring for Will).  Katie didn't want to kiss Will because she was afraid it would mess up her lip gloss.  

Will has already decided he will marry Eisley.  His first love was a sweet girl named Annabel.  We recently saw her at the pool where she said "Will, I think we need to get married."  Will said "Sorry Annabel, I have already decided who I am going to marry.  I am going to marry Eisley Grace."

The heart break begins...

Time with Candace

Our two weeks with Candace as our summer nanny were amazing!  She was such a gift to us this summer - the kids loved her!  She is a preschool teacher in Dallas and her love and patience for kids is incredible.  She also happens to be a great photographer!  Here are some pictures from their adventures. 

Funny faces

Acting like flamingos

At the Perot - you design what shows up on this wheel

Racing the fastest man in the world!

Sibling love


Working on her letters

At the zoo

Entering the maze

Their favorite spot at the Arboretum

Will's drinking glasses

A squirrel that loved taking grapes from the kids

 Enjoying a homemade popsicle

Coloring, a new favorite for Katie