Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2 Year Checkup

I took Will in for his 2 year checkup yesterday.  He checked out fine with the exception of an ear infection.  I didn't know he was sick aside from a little cough he had developed.  He had otherwise been acting fine!  This is the good and the bad of having a kiddo that doesn't mind being sick.  Luckily he has only had 2 ear infections in his 2 years so far...one right around each birthday.  He has probably had the stomach bug about 4 times, but otherwise has been healthy.  We are extremely lucky!

Here are his stats:

* weighs 27lbs 8oz (50%)

* is 36.5 inches tall (92%)

* head is 49.3 (70%)

Our next scheduled visit is at 3 years!

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