Sunday, April 17, 2011

Big Brother in the Bumbo Seat

 Will just loves Katie's bumbo seat.  He really likes to sit in it, get stuck and yell "I'm stuck!  Baby chair!"  Today he ate his flavor ice in the chair which was great fun for him and for Maggie.  Will donates most of his flavor ice to Maggie or the water table, and today Maggie got more than her fair share!

Here she comes...

He thinks sharing with her is hilarious!

Will handing me the flavor ice so he can scoot

He loves to put the pirates in the crows nest

and then help them jump down into the water

I just love his hair color!  I assume it will get lighter this summer!?!

 He put these two in the crows nest and said "together!"

Do you think they would hire him to be a baby Ralph Lauren model?  Do you think he could keep the clothes???

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