Friday, December 28, 2012

Sunday before Christmas

 We hit the Science museum again before the Christmas crowds hit.  Will and Katie just love it there!  We went on Sunday, and it is hard to believe that just two days later it snowed!

Throwing rocks in the water feature is a real favorite

The sandbox is a close second

Check out the sand in his boot!

At the water table

They love the elevators!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Will hasn't grasped the idea that there can be two words in English that mean the same thing.  Therefore, if he knows that one word is English, then the other one must be Spanish.

Will was eating Skittles and told me that in Spanish they were called M&Ms.  He was sitting on our sofa and said "This is a sofa right?"  When I agreed, he told me that in Spanish it was a couch.  Same with the words kid and child.  "I'm a kid in English, right?  In Spanish, I'm a child."

I love that he thinks about the equivalent words in Spanish and English.  Is this part of being bilingual at an early age?  While I am not bilingual by any means, but I rarely (never?) have thoughts on what an object is in Spanish just during a normal day.  Will says these things during regular conversation so it is fascinating to me.  Does he think in both languages?  It would be fun to be inside his brain and see what all is going on!

Monday, December 17, 2012


 Will has been taking tennis lessons this fall with his friend Gwen.  I stopped in to watch a lesson last week and it was fun to see how much they enjoy tennis and each other!  Coach Matt is a fabulous teacher and the kids just love him.  I think their favorite part of the lesson is dodge ball where Coach Matt hits tennis balls at them and they have to try to get out of the way.  It's an awesome agility exercise that wears them out!  If one of them gets hit, the other one can unfreeze them.  If both of them are frozen, Coach Matt wins.  If they are both unfrozen when the time is up, the kids win.  They laugh almost the entire time they are playing.

Practicing balance

I love Gwen in the background here


Gwen unfreezing Will

Pick up!

Katie helps!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Digging for Dinosaur Bones and other Perot treasures

The Perot has an outdoor area by the children's museum where the kids can dig for dinosaur bones. It is the current favorite activity for Will and Katie and we spent a lot of time in the large sandbox.  We basically have to drag the kids out of the museum.  Luckily, Chad and I are equally as smitten.

Trying to pick up beads and balls with tools that are like different bird beaks

The hand dryers are awesome!

He gets into his music!

Katie runs to the Perot.  She loves it!

Throwing rocks in the water, another favorite

We are loving these huge leaves!  Having kids makes me really appreciate the fall.  I am not sure I noticed these gorgeous leaves before!

Our Weekend

We had such a fun weekend!  It was probably the most action packed weekend we have had in a while.  We attended two Christmas parties, tried a new restaurant, decorated a gingerbread house, went to swim lessons, the Perot, the Arboretum and ended the weekend with a carriage ride to see the lights with friends.  It was fantastic and the whole family was exhausted come Sunday night. It was a perfect December weekend filled with lots of holiday fun.  I love this time of year!

The Arboretum with the Ioppolos
Will and Katie riding double in a single stroller

Loving his new Spiderman from Armando

These boys have so much fun together

Celebrating Chihuly by rolling down the hill

Visitng Dasher