Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sibling Love

 They adore each other most of the time.  Katie follows him around.  Will goes out back, Katie drops what she is doing to follow him.  Will asks about her when she isn't around.  They are a little pair and I really do hope they are forever friends. 

Katie still calls Will "ToTo" and he calls her "Kates".  When Will goes to the refrigerator to get a snack, he gets one for her as well. 

They fight and drive each other crazy one second and play sweetly together the next.  It is really fun to watch them together.

Hilarious Katie pic - not sure what this face was for, but I caught it!

Rolling down the hill

Putting BooBoo Bunny on her toe

Counting during a game of hide and go seek (I love her nail polish here)

Budding Photographer

Will took this picture of me and Katie.  I just love it.  I love how perfect she is - her skin and her sweet features.  While I would love to have such beautiful young skin like her, I love that this picture shows the difference in our ages.

Will loves to grab my camera and take pictures.  Some of his pictures are random and he is trigger happy so there are lots!  However, sometimes he nails the composition and it makes me smile.  I wonder if we will share this hobby!

Bath Time

There is something almost angelic about these littles in the bathtub.  They love a bubble bath!

I don't usually bathe them except on weekends since Loli bathes them after coming back from the park each day.  It is a real treat when I do it, and I usually have to drag them out because they start to look pruney!  


Post-bath milk while watching Curious George, the current favorite!

Circle of Life

Poor Will has had two circle of life experiences in about a week and a half.

He rescued a HUGE grasshopper from the pool.  It was really a big one - so cool to see.  He as so super proud to rescue it.  We got to watch it hop probably 2-3 times and then a bird came in and swooped it right up.

Next, Will finds this cicada.  He called them summer bugs, and he just loved this one.  He caught it in a neighbors driveway and made it a "house".  He was convinced the bug loved him.  I decided maybe we should relocate the home from the driveway to our yard and during the move he flew away and a bird grabbed him almost immediately.  Will was devasted and cried like crazy - "I wish there were no birds on this earth!"

We also found this bug in a neighbors yard.  We brought it home and kept it in a bug cage overnight.  Will is convinced the bug is still in our yard because he knows the bug loves him.  So sweet.  Just hoping he doesn't ask about him tomorrow!

If you are curious where Will gets his love for animals, here is a picture of my mom on a recent trip to Africa

Backyard Showers

 Will and Katie take a bath before their naps, but when they wake up they like to take an outdoor shower before dinner.  Will is a sweet big brother and removes Katie's bow.  He then runs upstairs to get some soap.  They wash each other's hair and have really have the best time. 


El Mil Amores

At the park, the nannies have dubbed Will "El Mil Amores" - or the man with a million loves.  He has a group of girls that he adores - Annabel, Emily, Eisley, Sophia... the list goes on.  He plays really well with girls and he has close friendships with many of these sweet girls.

Yesterday was Brianna's nanny's last day.  Brianna's mom left her job so she can stay home and so they are letting their nanny go.  Will was just devastated.  He had big crocodile tears at the park when saying goodbye to Brianna.  Brianna and Will were already arranging a future play date together, so I need to follow up on that!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Friday Swiming + Dell Children's

 We also visited one of the amazing Steiner Ranch pools while we were in Austin.  This one was great - so many neat featured that I didn't photograph including buckets that fill up with water and pour on your head!

Our visit was cut a little short when Will got out of the pool crying complaining his stomach hurt.  This was odd seeing as how the only time Will cries at the pool is when we need to go home.  He was pretty inconsolable.  I tried to give him food, but he kept saying he hurt.  I asked if he wanted to leave and he said yes.  All of this is really strange for Will.  On the way to the car I asked him where it hurt and he pointed to his right side - near his appendix.  He said it hurt to touch.

So, we called Dr Granddad who said it was best to get him checked out.  So we headed to Dell Children's for a few hours.  His pain subsided, so it wasn't his appendix but likely his first experience with a stomach cramp. 

Will loved the hospital - he even said "I just love this hospital - it has the best fish tanks."  We left with some gloves and masks for him and Katie, so in Will's eyes it was a great trip!


At Dell Children's - Triage

Vital check

Waiting for the doctor

On the mend

Will told Dr Gregg - "I just love stethoscopes!"

Austin Pool Time

 We stayed with Ahma and Bapa while we were in Austin and really had a great time with them!  They belong to the UT Golf club which recently opened a new pool.  The pool was huge and the kids had a blast. 

Katie learning to do Hook'em.  This picture represents many of Will's loves - water, longhorns, and a dump truck in the background!

 Three generations of Forsbergs

This face is so Katie - she does this when you ask her to make a sad face

The two swimming Williams

My crew

Lifeguard on duty

Will loved keeping his horns up while he went under water