Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Today Will turned 3 1/2.  He was excited to celebrate his half birthday, so we made cupcakes for him to take to the park to share with his friends.  He let everyone know that it was his half birthday, and he asked me if he could have a party. 

There are so many things I love about him at this age.  He is such a joy to be around and I really enjoy our conversations.  He challenges me to explain difficult concepts in a way that a 3.5 year old mind can understand.  Today he wanted to know where the sun went when it sets.  So we talked about Earth being a big ball that spins around in the sky.  "In space?"  He asked.  "Yes, in space."  "The moon is in space.  I want to go there and get my picture taken.  I can take a rocket!"
Another favorite concept we talk about often is his birthday.  When he turns 4, he wants to know where 3 goes.  When his number changes, does his name change too?  He told me he wants to keep his W.

He is a little scared of the tooth fairy and he doesn't want her taking any of his teeth.  We write her letters on the etch-a-sketch at night letting her know that he wants to keep his teeth when they fall out.  Katie drew over the note, so we had to clear the board and re-write it.  I need to have the tooth fairy write him a letter back letting her know that she is excited that he will keep his teeth and she would like to bring him a treat when he does lose a tooth.

When he is the car with me, he describes stop lights with 10+ cars as "heavy traffic."  Today on the way to the pumpkin patch, he said "Wow, it's really heavy traffic today."  He also likes to ask for a "cold drink."  Sonic is his vendor of choice when needing one.  He also loves a McDonald's smoothie and Chick-Fil-a Diet "Wemonade".  I will miss the W sound for Ls one day.  Especially when he asks for a little lemonade instead of a wittle wemonade.  It always makes me smile.

He really enjoys coloring, making forts, playing house, painting, school, playing with water in the kitchen sink, and spending time with our neighbor Maddie.  He loves his sister, his best girl Annabelle, his blankies, jello, carpool line, and the show Mighty Machines.  He likes to have me write words for him to look at and learn the letters.  He hoards these word-covered papers in a bag in his room.  He is proud of being a big boy and often let's Katie know that she too can do some cool things when she is bigger.  He is patient with her, and doesn't seem to retaliate when she bothers him.  I hope that lasts.

His smile is warm, his laugh is sweet.  His hugs and kisses make my whole day.  I love him with my whole heart and while each day gets more and more fun, it goes too quickly.  3 1/2 is pretty great so I am just going to soak it all in.

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