Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moslah Shrine Circus

On Friday night, I took Maddie and Will to the Moslah Shrine Circus in Fort Worth.  Our FW friends, the Gunnins, invited us and we had a blast!  Maddie and Will are still talking about it in detail.

Before the show the kids enjoyed meeting the clowns and asking for autographs.  This alone was a huge hit.  Once inside, we found out that Nancy scored us front row seats which, for this circus, meant that the animals (tigers, elephants) were only about 30 feet from us.  30 feet!  It was really amazing.  Even more amazing is that during intermission you can RIDE THE ELEPHANTS!  This was a huge highlight for Will and something he is just so proud of!   He keeps saying "can we go to that circus again when it comes back to town?"  We definitely will go again next year! 

Circus bound

Will loved holding this guy's hand

Checking out the program

Watching the circus with Ellie Gunnin and some new Ft Worth friends


With Boo Boo the clown

Riding the elephant!  That is Will in the very front.

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