Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 If I had been given an option to clone Will when having a second child, I would have taken it.  I loved everything about him and honestly couldn't have imagined life could be as fun with any other kind of child. 

However, I am so glad life doesn't work this way!  Katie is so different than Will in ways I never would have imagined.  I love that they are so different as I appreciate more about each of them as a result.  It's like you don't notice something until you see something different.

For example, Will is busy.  He goes from one thing to the next...all the time.  Katie can sit and play with the same thing for a while.  She can push her baby in the stroller for an entire morning, stopping to feed her (dog food), put her on the sofa to cover her up, then she will switch babies, etc. 

When we put Will in his crib and now his bed, he would play and play before going to bed even when he was quite young.  He still does.  As soon as you put Katie in her bed, she snuggles in and that is it for the night.  Both are wonderful.  There is nothing cuter than watching Will play with his toys from the monitor except maybe watching Katie put her hands behind her head and snuggle into position - usually includes her feet up on the rails of her crib.

These aren't trained behaviors.  These are ingrained in who they are as little people.  They are two unique kiddos who bring us so much joy.

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