Monday, October 29, 2012

Zoo Day

 We had great fall weather on Sunday,  so we headed to the zoo (thanks Demi and Jeff!) with the Blanchards.  The kids love to feed the giraffes, so we headed straight there.  Katie was fascinated with watching the animals, and she probably could have watched the mandrills forever.  She loved staring in the windows and pointing to them - letting me know when they were moving around, etc.  I always loved the monkeys as well so it was sweet for me to see her enjoying them so much.

A trip to the zoo is never complete without a carousel ride.  If the kids could pick, I think they would ride it all day long.

watching the mandrills


this is the only picture I took of Will all day...

feeding the giraffes

Katie riding a giraffe

Love how she is looking at Chad here - she wasn't sure about the cheetah ride at first

...and then she loved it!

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