Thursday, September 27, 2012

The {Short} Adventures of Googa

 Sunday morning we were eating breakfast and playing and suddenly I noticed that Googa had emerged from his chrysalis! Sadly we missed him coming out - that would have been awesome to watch.  However the kids were totally mesmerized by him and enjoyed watching him hang upside down and let his wings dry.  Will also got to hold him and he loved that it tickled as Googa walked on his hands. 

Googa stayed on his perch for hours... until around noon we realized he was gone!  He was hanging out on a grocery bag by the door, and we took that as our sign that he was ready to spread his wings and fly away.  We opened the door and Will said goodbye to him as his slowly made his way into the world.  It took him a few tries before he fluttered away.

Since then, Will claims to have seen Googa at the park on two different occasions.  Both time he told me that Googa was busy playing with his friends. 

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