Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Green Beans or Die

 Yesterday was Columbus Day and there was no school, so there were a few more kids at the park than usual.  Will met an 8 year old boy Kyle who he declared his new best friend.  Per Loli, they spent most of the day together playing.  Will came home and told me that he has a new best friend - Kyle (it appears boys can only be best friends, and his old best friend Armando moved to Allen).

Kyle is in second grade.  He can climb big trees and is really strong.  He told Will that he needs to eat green beans or he will die.  This really stuck with Will.  He came home telling me that he needs to eat green beans to stay alive and be strong and climb big trees like Kyle.

On the way to the pumpkin patch, we called Chad to have him pick up some green beans.  I had heard a lot about the green beans or die philosophy so I thought it would be best to have some on hand. 

Taking Katie for a ride

He really is a strong little guy

pulling pumpkins

Katie was so into these boards where you can peek through.  She must have played here for half the time.  I don't know that Will ever had any interest in these until today.

token smile at the camera shot

pumpkin hitching a ride in Will's boot

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  1. Can Kyle come to our house next? Mine acts like if he has to eat a green bean, he WILL die!!

    Love the pics! Can't wait to see all the Halloween costumes this year! Xoxo