Monday, October 29, 2012

Test Day at the Perot Museum

 Saturday was a Test Day at the Perot Museum.  It is set to open Dec 1 and we cannot wait for opening day.  They had 2 floors open although the kids and I never made it out of the Children's Museum.

The museum is awesome and surely will be a hot spot for the Forsbergs.  The kids loved it!  There was really so much to do.  There is a flower stand to arrange flowers (Katie loved this), a playground area (built around the Dallas skyline) where you can wear hard hats and safety vests while climbing rock walls and sending (foam) bricks up conveyor belts.  There is a farmers market where you shop for wooden food and then place it in the truck for delivery and a camping area where you can dress up like an animal and (pretend) cook over a campfire.  There is a baby play area and last but not least, an awesome water area where you can play with water coming out of pipes and have boats come in and out of locks. 

We all had a great time, and Will is asking when we can go back.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for another testing day because they officially open in 33 days and that seems like a long time right now!

Flower arranging

Safety first! 

Down the slide


Katie was convinced this squirrel was real, so Chad had to help her pet it to prove otherwise.

They even tested out the baby play area!

The water area

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