Thursday, October 25, 2012

Food in your Teeth

 I think Katie will be the kind of friend that tells you that you have food in your teeth or a rip in the back of your pants.  She wants things to be right and doesn't like things to be where they don't belong.

We have a hay bale left over from a photo shoot with friends, and we play on it regularly.  Every time after I get up from sitting on it, Katie will point out the hay on my pants and then she will dust it off.  It's really sweet.

She also notices spots on her clothes and others.  It seemed to frustrate her when her doll had a red spot on her dress (from a red marker that Katie was playing with while holding her baby).  Every day until I washed it, she would bring the baby to me and point to the spot.

She likes doors to be closed, drawers to be closed, and lights to be off when we are not in a room.  She is quite orderly.  She also is a snuggler and enjoys being cuddled and hugged.

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