Thursday, June 2, 2011

4 months old!

Our sweet little girl is already 4 months old!  I have to say I am sad at how quickly this is going.  Since we do not plan to have more kiddos, I am really savoring everyday with Katie.  She is such a sweet content baby who melts my heart with her big smiles and loud coos.  I love her big blue eyes that light up when she smiles.  I love her little rolls of baby fat on her arms and legs.  I love seeing her little personality shining through.  To me she is the cutest little bundle of pure joy.

This month Katie:

* weighs 16lbs!  (92%)

* is 25.5 inches long (90%)

* has a head circumference of 41.5cm (75%)

found her feet!  She will hold them and play with them.

* will hold onto my finger and then pull it into her mouth and chew on it.  While this probably means she is teething, it has been fun to see her eye-hand coordination develop. 

* loves watching what is going on around her.  She will follow Maggie with her eyes and loves watching the kids play at the park everyday.

* prefers to be sitting up.  When she is in her car seat in the stroller, she trys to pulls herself up to sit. 

* continues to be a good sleeper - currently going to bed around 830p and I usually wake her up for 830a so I can have some time with her before work. 

* eats about 6oz when taking a bottle

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