Monday, June 27, 2011


 People always ask what the best things for babies are.  Typically they are looking for your favorite swaddle, baby monitor, etc.  However, I would have to answer that the best thing for a baby is a dog. 

Maggie is total entertainment for Katie.  She always smiles when she sees Maggie and she could sit and watch her for long periods of time. 

Additionally, Maggie cleans up everything a baby drops on the floor.  I mean EVERYTHING.  So really, it is a great thing for the parent as well.  No need for a splat mat!

Will still loves Maggie.  He likes to take her for walks inside the house and out, and just likes to have her around.  When she isn't around, he will ask about her.

Here is Will laughing at Maggie at the same age as Katie is now - almost 5 months old!

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