Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Scooter

 Will got this scooter for Christmas from Ahma and Bapa and this past week he has been riding it all the time.  When we were getting ready to go the store, I had to run back inside to get something, and Will asked if I would also get his scooter.  I thought about it as it would be hilarious to see him ride a scooter through Central Market, but I think I prefer him contained in the cart for now.

He can really go pretty fast on the scooter which he loves, but it also makes it so apparent that is be really becoming a little boy.  It's wonderful and a little sad at the same time.  I just love him as he is, and although each day seems to even better, it is sometimes hard to not want him to stay just the way he is today.

Riding his scooter with a stick

Stopping at Armando's house to see if he is home.  I think he looks a lot older than 2 in this picture.

Off he goes

Taking a break to look for rolly polly bugs

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