Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Painter

In recent posts, it seems like Will is getting less press. No worries, I am still madly in love with him as well, but currently he is not interested in photos. He is much more interested in jumping and climbing, and it is a little tough to hold Katie, manage him AND get some pictures... but I am working on it! He is hilarious these days with his favorite phrase now being "I know how to do it!" He knows how to paint as seen here painting Aunt Leen and Uncle Chuck's wall.  Apparently, he even knows how to drive my car. 

The other thing he says that I just adore is "it feels better."  If he falls, etc. once you kiss his hurt spot, he will say "I feel better" or "it feels better".  When I get bitten by mosquitoes (which happens way too often), he will say "I kiss it!" and after he does, he will tell me that it feels better.  And it actually does.

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