Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Wow, we had a fantastic weekend!  We headed to Austin on Friday afternoon for the long weekend.  We stayed with Ahma and Bapa and saw many friends (Snyders, Petteys and Kirks) and family over the weekend.

Will LOVED Ahma and Bapa's house.  Seriously, it is a kid heaven.  He loved it so much he woke up early (5:30am!) and would come in our room, wake us up and tell us he was ready to go downstairs and play.  Luckily Chad was able to get him to go back to sleep when this happened every morning. At our house, Will stays in his bed and calls for us, however, Ahma and Bapa have the lever down handles and Will quickly realized he could open them.  Ahma and Bapa have a basement that rivals Toys R Us, so I can't blame Will for his excitement to go downstairs and play.  His favorite was this fire station.

Pushing his boppies in the Tonka truck

Playing with Pirate Island

Pool time

Making pudding with Guerin and Ahma

Guerin the taste tester

Baby Katie

Guerin loves his cousin!

More Katie Boo

We met the Snyder 5 for lunch.  Kjell and his corn dog



Swimming with Dad in Lovey and Granddad's pool

Holding onto Dad before going under water!


This boy loves the water!

With Aunt Leen

Then we met up with Liz and her daughter Dylan and the Petteys for a play date at Waterloo Ice House.  Will and Dylan checking out baby Katie


Liz and Dylan

Will celebrating his odds with the girls - GG, Emmy and Dylan

GG and Emmy

Dylan kisses Katie goodbye

We had a fabulous trip!  The ride back to Dallas was uneventful as both kids slept for 2 of the 3 hours.  They were both exhausted from such a great weekend!  When we got home, Will rolled our wheely luggage around the house and would say "I go on a trip to Ahma's house.  Bye!"  He is eager to go back soon!

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