Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Will's Doing

 Will is having a fabulous summer.  He is wanting to do many things himself - we hear lots of "me do it"/"I do it" and "me help!"  Often he even wants to walk instead of riding in the stroller.

Since he doesn't mind the heat, he loves playing outside at the park and going swimming.  He just started swim lessons as well.  It seems perfect timing as Will would stand beside the baby pool - which is 2 feet deep - and would say "I dive in!"  He likes to jump in and he is going under water on his own.  I really enjoy taking him to the pool - he is just so fun.

While I haven't taken my camera to the pool yet, I have a bunch of pictures of Will doing the things he loves these days. Here are just a few.
Filling up his digger with sand
Dumping the sand from his digger to the dump truck

Catching bubbles

Getting in Maggie's bag - he likes us to zip him up

He loves it!

Enjoying some (very sticky) frozen lemonade

Playing in the rocks

Climbing trees

Playing with Maddie

Deciding which of his clothes should go to his new cousin, baby Andrew (arriving in Aug/Sept!)

Carrying his boppies everywhere he goes in the house

Playing in the kitchen drawers

Grilling with dad

Making burgers

Eating cupcakes (and licking the icing off his fingers)

Doing anything with Uncle Chuck!

He loves the happy birthday song, so we got him his own musical card

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