Monday, June 20, 2011


 Will's friend Bella and her parents came over on Saturday for a play date and brought this awesome and cute sprinkler.  Bella knew what to do, and she seemed to get into it.  I knew Will would love it, and well, he didn't. 
Bella checking it out up close

At first Will just wanted to move it all around by pulling the hose.  He was so excited about the new hose - he talked about it all the time since he saw it earlier in the week.  It was more of an attraction than the sprinker.

After a while, he warmed up and took a sip.

and then he drank from the bowl he was filling up for Maggie.

This morning we were outside - Will was still wearing his PJs - and we decided to turn on the sprinkler.

And he LOVED running through it!

so happy!

This is probably why we do so much laundry at our house! 

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