Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I look like Lee Ann Rimes!

I had to share one of my favorite moments from Thanksgiving where my little man gave me a huge compliment.  We were watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade and Lee Ann Rimes was performing a solo.  Will looked at the TV, pointed, and started chanting "mommy!  mommy!".  I told him "yes, that is mommy singing on TV!"  What a huge compliment - I just had to go along with him.

Unfortunately my high ended yesterday when we went to the SMU Pi Phi house to get a (crying) picture with Santa.  There are tons of composites on the wall, and there was one from 1980 that was eye level for Will.  He suddenly saw me in all the pictures.  He pointed me out in a few of them - you can imagine the hair and clothing styles from 1980.  While I appreciate the idea that Will thinks I look college age, I realized that maybe he thinks anyone with blond hair is me.  Or maybe he thinks I am stuck in the 80s.  Sigh.

In the spirit of always posting with a picture, I had to find a recent shot that I hadn't yet shared.  This is one of the many pictures from my Christmas card out takes.  I was so excited about getting a picture of Will with tree lights, and when I asked him if he wanted to play with them, he quickly said "no".  He took the lights off and ran to play with a truck instead.  I had to surrender my goal to get the perfect shot for the perfect Christmas card.   Instead, our Christmas card this year will not be that Christmasy, but it will be Will in his element. He is much happier when he is playing with his toys vs. my props.

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