Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Countdown

 Will has really gotten into Christmas this year.  He talks about Santa ("Sansa"), Reindeer ("rey rey"), Christmas trees (which he is now pronouncing correctly!), snowmen, and stars.  When we see Christmas decorations out and about, he always wants to see more.  He enjoys taking his few ornaments off the Christmas tree (his favorites are an airplane, a train and a fire truck) and playing with them.  I think he will be sad when the tree goes away in a few weeks.

With Christmas coming, my due date is also quickly approaching!  With a little over 6 weeks to go, I am definitely starting to feel it.  I am slower at chasing Will around and I get tired more easily than I did just a few weeks ago.  We do a lot more things as a family on weekends (gone are the days when we would trade off and each get some free time!), and we had a great time going to the parks this weekend.  Will just loves playing with his dad at the park, and he insists that Dad go down the slides with him.  It is fun to see the two of them have so much fun together!

Looking in the mouth of the hippo
 sliding down with dad

playing with the scooper

more slides

hanging out with dad

swinging - he loves to go high!

back at bee park with our token bee picture

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