Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh No

It happened on Friday.  Will said his first "no".  It was a matter of time before this happened, and leading up to it, he would either say nothing when he meant no (like if you asked him if he wanted cheese and he didn't, he just wouldn't answer) and then progressed to the head shake for no.  Now he says "no" to things he doesn't want.  For example, when we dropped him off at the nursery at church today he said a lot of no's (but luckily this is the first time he wasn't crying when we picked him up!). 

He has been saying "yah" for yes for quite some time.  I just love it.  Today he switched from "yah" to "yesh".  There is an h on his yes - that isn't a typo.  It is cute, but I do miss the way he said "yah" - it was adorable.  I am guessing he had a hard time with s's until today.

He is talking a lot and saying so many things.  A popular phrase for him is "I want more."  He wants more of everything he loves...raisins, trucks, juice... you name it.  Now it seems like he is changing almost everyday which is hard to believe, but everyday is better than the last.  In this time of thanksgiving, we are truly thankful for this little guy!

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