Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Fire Truck Room

I have been busy trying to get Will's new room ready.  It has been such a fun project, and he seems to love playing in his future room!

For now, we are calling it the Fire Truck room.  We aren't ready to call it Will's room as it needs to serve it's purpose as a guest room over the holidays.  Come January, we will try naps in his new bed to warm him up to the idea of his new room.  So far, we have good signs that he will want to sleep in here.  He brings his blankies (which he calls "bobbies") into the bed with him and will lay down on them and say "night night". 

This room will be missing one key element - a rocking chair.  Will loves to be rocked and will often ask me to sit and rock with him ("mom sit rock").  I assume we will still spend lots of time in the nursery, and I am excited for it to undergo a girly transformation!

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