Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning

 After Will went to bed on Christmas Eve, we got the cars and trucks lined up for him for Christmas morning.  Among other treats, Lovey and Granddad got Will a cement mixer, a dump truck, an ambulance and a Cozy Coupe.  While all the trucks are a hit, the Cozy Coupe is the favorite.  I knew Will liked the Coupe since he loves playing with one at our neighbor's house, but I had no idea how much time he would spend sitting in it, opening the door, getting out and then getting right back in.  He just loves it!

Will eagerly climbing into his new Cozy Coupe - Dukes of Hazzard style 

Using the door this time

Playing with the ambulance

Taking a break to eat raisin bread

Back in the Coupe

Watching everyone else open gifts while eating a Tootsie Pop in the Coupe

When he wasn't in the Coupe, he was usually on Aunt Leen's lap

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