Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Everyday we talk to Will about how cold it is outside and try to manage his expectations about being outside all day.  He loves to put on his coat and even a hat as long as it means he can go outside.  Here he is by our front door all ready to go saying "outside!"

Will is talking up a storm these days - he has so much to say!  For the most part, I can understand him.  There are a few words I cannot understand and he will just repeat them over and over until I figure it out.  If I get it wrong, he will correct me.  I thought he was talking about Chad's car, so I said - "yes, that is Dad's car."  He replied, "No, Daddy's coat."  It is fun to hear him correct us when we misunderstand him.  It is hard to believe that just a few months ago he didn't talk at all!

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