Friday, April 19, 2013

Bedtime Stories with Photos

Thankfully, Will loves photos.  Historically he has asked me to print some pictures to have in his room.  He would use the printed pictures to tell stories.  The stories are so sweet, and since I totally want to encourage his love of photos and story telling, I printed 50+ pictures for him.

I give him a few every night to add to his stack (which he is now keeping in a treasure chest).  He gets excited to look at each picture and remember when what was happening when we took it.  One of his favorites is one with Jeff Brand during our visit to Chicago.  He and Jeff are standing in front of a metal crushing place/junk yard.  It's been fun to relive these memories!

This morning Will was putting all his photos out on the sofa to tell a story.  The story was about Jesus (played by Big Tex).  He told me that all the other pictures were Jesus's disciples.  Will said "Jesus took all his disciples over to the grass.  He had something very important to tell them.  He told them that it is time for him to go to Heaven."  And with that, Will took the photo of him with Big Tex and put it over his head.

It was just so sweet.  Made my heart melt a little. 

Can't wait to hear what story I will get tonight!

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