Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby and Boppy

Katie has a boppy (a blankie, but Will called them boppies and so it stuck) and a "baby" that she has to have to sleep and then to cuddle after her nap and when she wakes up in the morning.  Her boppies are the softest blankies - they are a sweet pima cotton with little sheep on them.  I bought this for her a while back and when she became attached to it, I called the company that made them, Bella Bliss, and they had to go check their warehouse for more.  Luckily they found two backups for me if anything awful were to ever happen to boppy.

I called for the backup boppy after the original boppy went missing.  Loli had the afternoon off, and then I went to put Katie down for her nap and realized the boppy was no where to be found.  I looked everywhere with no luck, so I texted Loli who also wasn't sure where it could be.  We improvised and I showered Katie with lots of blankies which seemed to work as a distraction and she went down for her nap with no problem.

It was only when I went downstairs later to get a snack when I found the boppy in the refrigerator.

"Baby" is a bunny that my best friend Amye gave Katie right after she was born.  The ears have her name and birthday, and the bunny is so soft.  Baby is a favorite, and Katie loves to treat her like a baby.  It is so sweet to see such a maternal instinct in her already.

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