Thursday, April 11, 2013


Will is officially four.  He is loving his new number and things have changed quite a bit for him and for me.  He says things like "When I was three-and-a-half I didn't want to play soccer, but now that I am four, I do!"  It's like something changed for him overnight. 

I have even noticed some changes as well.  He seems a bit more grown up to me.  For example, last night he was in bed and I was downstairs.  I sneezed, and next thing I hear is Will opening his door, yelling "Bless you Mommy!" and then closing his door and going back to bed.  It was the sweetest.  Up until now, once his door was open, he required Chad or me to tuck him back in in order for him to go back to bed. 

On the same sleeping type note, Katie and I were playing out back while Will was still napping.  I guess we were a little loud, and so Will opened his balcony door and asked us to be a little quieter since he was still sleeping.  He shut his door and went back to bed. 

He is also the master negotiator.  He tripped down two stairs and let out some cries saying his foot hurt.  I could only imagine that it really did hurt!  I went to hug him, and he said "you know what would make me feel better?"  There was a little pause... then a smile... "candy!"

And I was the mom who was worried that my kid wouldn't like candy.

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