Thursday, April 11, 2013

Post Dinner Ride and Puddle Stomp

Will and Katie do not seem to mind the rain at all since it leads to puddles.  As Will said yesterday, "As soon as it stops raining, I am going to put my boots on and go stomp in the puddles!"

And so we did.

Katie loved it - probably her best puddle stomp so far.  Will decided it was a great time to also ride his big wheel, and next thing I knew he was riding through this muddy puddle.  He went through the puddle about five times, and he was soaking wet in the end.  I had to leave their clothes outside and run them right up to a bath.  Even his face had mud on it!

Towards the end of his bath, Will asked, "Can we go back outside and race in the mud now?"  He could have done this all night!

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